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What's this painting?

Asked by wildpotato (14903points) October 15th, 2010

It’s a well-known painting, I think. It’s definitely Cubist. It shows two women, one from behind the horizon and one in front, putting a stick vertically into a half of a gourd. I know that an interpretation of the painting is that in putting these together, they are creating the world. Does anyone know the name of the painter and the painting? Please help – this is really bugging me because I stared at a giant poster of this painting for a year every time I took a shit, and I should really know this.

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Can we get a better description? You try google images I assume….

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I did try that. But thanks!

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Sounds more Gaugain-y in theme but that wouldn’t be Cubist. An image would help.

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you are not talking about Picasso’s girl in a mirror?

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Fernand Leger did a series of paintings related to the sets of the play “La creation du Monde” for which this is a poster. I have not found a specific image but maybe have found the artist.

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I’m no expert on Cubism, but I have looked at an awful lot of paintings, both in museums and in books, and I have never seen one that fits this description. I’m wondering if it truly is well known. By the description it also does not sound Cubist. Any chance of contacting someone who’s still using those facilities and asking for the artist’s name from the bottom of the poster?

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I think of William Blake’s ‘Ancient of Days’ for some reason though it isn’t at all like your description.

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It sounds like it illustrates the cosmic gourd creation myth. Funny, but I could swear I’ve seen the painting you describe (not cubist, maybe in the style of Frida Kahlo) but I can’t find it either.

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I think it would help if you gave us some more details…like paint colours, style, race, clothing, nudity ..etc.

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Could it be PABLO PICASSO CUBIST LADY WITH FLOWER? Like previously mentioned, it would be nice if you would post more specific details, you have me very curious. (Smile)

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