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Do you work on a computer all day and then go home and look at a screen again?

Asked by losanjealous (44points) October 15th, 2010

I work all day on a computer and then find myself at home watching tv or checking fluther. Can we get away from a screen? Do people find the balance where they can just come home and not turn on the computer and tv. Do you exercise, read a book, socialize?

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I would if I didn’t work at home. :-)

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My husband spends nearly every waking hour in front of a computer screen, including doing his sudoku online.

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No i sleep all day take a bath then fluther all night… take a shower eat and do it all again…I also watch t.v. whenever something good is on… I socialize when my mom comes home from work and brings food and chat…I read while I take a bath

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I work with computers all day, by the time I get home I am tired of them. I want to see something organic…so generally what I do is…go watch my daughter play outside. I have been known to just lay in the middle of the lawn becoming one with the grass and trees. After about an hour or two of that, then I can stand to look at a TV or computer screen.

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No. I stay home all day on the computer, then go out seeking anything but.

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Reading a book definitely does the trick for me. There’s something about the printed letters in a book that a computer screen cannot replicate. I also occasionally have the sudden urge to walk outside on a sunny day and stare at the bright landscape. It gives a sense of comfort for me I suppose. :)

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As a web designer/developer im kinda stuck with on mine day in day out. At least i like what i do!

I still do as much biking/traveling as i can and hanging out with friends when i have the time.

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Today I did that, but I have two jobs and the other involves being outdoors all day and not anywhere near a computer screen.

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I socialise in the real world about 2–3 times a week, and exercise is mainly going out walking my dog. My time for reading books is during my 2.5 hours a day public transport commute. Some days I spend more time online at home, other days its very little.

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That depends. Do CNC milling machines and lathes count? They are dedicated computers running a specialized OS, but they are computers, and I spend a lot of time staring at the screen checking feeds and speeds, spindle loads, and coordinates with the occasional tweak to tool lengths or work offsets, and even starting them up involves punching a few keys to initialize the machine that they control. There is no FANUC equivalent for AUTOEXEC.BAT but there is G0 G28 G91 Z0 Y0 X0; and woe be to the guy that forgets that semi-colon (End of Block) at the end or otherwise mis-types!

If that counts, then I spend at least 80 hours a week staring at some computer screen or another.

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Yes, pretty much. At night then we’ll run netflix or hulu through the TV screen, sometimes as background while we play cards or make out.

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thanks everyone for your answers, i would like to follow up and ask what motivates you to get away from the screen for awhile? Does your body or your mind tell you? Or is it something external like a friend calls you.

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@losanjealous in my case it’s usually my mind. I get bored if I don’t see real people on a regular basis.

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@losanjealous: What gets me out of the house is good weather or people to visit. I like nothing more than to jump in the car and go for a drive just about anywhere, discovering little towns, scenic nature areas, whatever. To visit a friend then I’ve no problem to drive an hour across town or to have someone over is even better because it gives me a chance to put out something nice at home and straighten up better.

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My doctor has told me to get up and walk around every half hour, and I manage to remember at least every other hour. I also have various tasks I like to do around the house, so that takes me away.

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@YARNLADY That is a problem I don’t have. Between emptying beverages, having to get rid of those beverages after my body is done with them, and having a wife, about the only time I get to sit down for more than 30 minutes straight is on my commute to/from work.

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