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Does anyone know how to add a background picture for a header in a blog?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) October 16th, 2010

I can’t get it right! I have a picture that i got off the net, that i added some wording to, but when i add the link in the block that the blog design program says you must put it in for it to download it to your blog, then it does nothing, it only seems to work when i download something from my computer, and not try to add an internet link. But i need this internet link background because it’s got “animated” writing on the background, and i’d like for it to remain animated (it’s glitter text).

This blog works with CSS program too, but i have NO clue how to work that. So even if i get this background on there finally, i won’t know how to centre it, because it’s slightly to the left of the middle of the blog page too.

Can anybody help, pretty please?

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Which blog program are you using?

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It really helps if you link to the blog.

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If you save the file to your hard-disk as a .gif file, it will still retain the animation data, as long as you don’t open it and re-save it in some graphics program that doesn’t support animation. So if you leave it alone, don’t try to open it, then upload it to Blogger as you would any other image file, it should still be animated.

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@downtide Actually, i did save it as a .gif in my folder on my PC, and the animation went away. My husband has some web program and he managed to get the header on the blog for me. :D It looks OK without the animation so i’ll just leave it at that, because i have a lot of other things to figure out now in doing the rest of the site. **sigh**.

NOW i’m trying to add a gadget and it doesn’t seem to work. The gadget is supposed to be a “Subscribe to this blog” link, but it’s not clickable so it doesn’t work.

@johnpowell I’ll link to the blog if it’ll help you to help me with these darn gadgets now! :)

I’m trying to figure stuff out by using the blog’s help option, but i’m not finding all the answers there….yet anyway.

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The code below, will get a background picture from a folder with css and place it as the background. aligned at the top and center (center is implied), and to not repeat it, in other words, not tile it, to just show it once. you just need to place this code in the ”<style type=“text/css”>” area.

body {
background-image: url(foldername/background.gif);
background-repeat: no-repeat;

However, I dont know anything about this blog sytem you are using. this code will animate a gif as a background image in a normal html/css page.

EDIT: if you show me a picture of the blog, and a picture or two of the CSS toold of your blog, and tell me exactly what you want to do, i can help more.

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@poisonedantidote Thanx. :) I saw those codes there, but they started getting confusing, there was too much of it. :0

Anyway, my husband managed to somehow get my header on there, and centered. Yay! But now i’m struggling to upload images into my post. I go to their help section and what they explain there with the aid of screen captures, are things that don’t even appear on my blog when i’m trying to upload pictures. That’s just weird. Not only that, but i can’t get the “subscribe to this blog” gadget link thingy to work, it’s not clickable once i get it on the blog.

I don’t think i’ve chosen a stupid blog, this one sounded like the best of the (free) lot, and apparently the one that’s been around for the longest time. And many seem to be using it. I was hoping someone here uses it and and can tell me how it’s supposed to work.

You can get things done on there without having to resort to codes and things, i just don’t know how to get things working as they should. Their instructions seem pretty simple, except some of them don’t seem to end up working (like the subscription link i mentioned before).

Someone who’s not working with such a blog program probably wouldn’t know what i’m talking about here, since i’m no longer in need of codes. I’m just trying to figure the thing out.

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Aha! Nevermind about the not being able to upload pictures, i think it’s working, it just takes about 10 minutes or more for a single picture to upload!!

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