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Whose help do I need to recreate this concept of an UV shoe sanitizer?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) October 16th, 2010

Please see this:

Now first of all I’m not in the US and second I believe there is likely to be a way to get the exact same effect for a good deal below the 130 USD that this product costs.

I mean, an UV lamp shouldn’t be hard to come across right? And then it’s a matter of getting together a frame that fits the purpose… and connect it to a wall socket.

Now, I would like to delegate this research… and my question is, to whom? What kind of person is my best bet for me to call up and say hey can you help with this?

By the way, I will need about 10 units to begin with (2 lamps each) so if I can save money on that bulky purchase, the better.

This is for a social good project and I’m delegating obsessively.


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I have a UV sanitizer installed in my heating/AC system. In order to be effective, the unit and lamps have to me made to stringent specifications for power and specific UV-C wavelength. Anything that is actually effective has to be made to medical-grade standards. And you’re wasting your money on anything that’s NOT made to medical grade standards. That price stated in your question is about right.

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I work with UV-C (A and B as well) from low levels to powers in the thousands of Watts for radiating entire structures.
Here’s the thing. Like it or not, UV-‘C is dangerous. It kills anything DNA based and last time I checked that includes humans. It will blind stupid people that look at it in minutes and.will leave you with a burning “sand in the eye” feeling with only a second or two of exposure.
The big cost for this device is the required idiot proof protection and the insurance. You will have to add some kind of a sensor to guarantee it is enclosed. Maybe an ultrasonic device or cheap photocell looking for darkness.
There are design houses that do this kind of work but they cost money. I can fill you in if you PM me.

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Thanks for your answers guys, you’re really helping me.

Two things:

1) what to you think of the fact that SteriShoe only seems to treat the frontal part of the shoe?

2) what does this solution feel like to you?

@worriedguy I’ll PM you ;) thanks

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@rexpresso I replied to your PM
It looks like The Klenz works by bathing the shoes in Ozone. It needs a small ozone generator, usually a high voltage source or UV. I do not have data on how effective it is or what concentrations are needed. I do have specs for UV exposure and lethality for various viruses, fungi, spores, etc. from Anthrax to Salmonella.

Regarding you question about the UV in the toe section only, there is probably enough reflection that it can get most of the shoe. Move the unit a little bit and it will get any areas missed.
As an aside, the energy levels we use will degrade rubber and most natural materials in just a few minutes. I radiated a pair of white gym shoes and it turned them yellow. Hit newspaper with it for few minutes and it looks like it has been in the sun for days.

I am guessing the unit they have is only 4 watts. That will still cause eye damage if you stare at it for a few minutes.
The liability is scary. Most likely a Chinese company will make a knock off, sell it quickly, and “go out of business” before the first court case hits.

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