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So im going to Chicago?

Asked by demonictruth (455points) October 16th, 2010

For my 16th birthday my dad is taking me on a trip to anywhere in the U.S. I really want to go to Chicago. I’m already planning on going to a cub’s game, but what else do I need to see while I’m there? Anything super fun or restaurants I need to go to?

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The Museum of Science and Industry is very cool.

You might want to go to the top of the former Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) and see the Skydeck.

Be sure and have a slice of deep dish Chicago pizza.

IF you like music, the jazz scene in Chicago and the blues scene are good.

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Shedd Aquarium
Walk Michigan Avenue
Spend a night (or more) at the Ritz Carlton
Ride a Water Taxi
Walk or jog along the Lakeside
Go to Buddy Guy’s Legends-use your fake ID.
Go to Spaggia restaurant at the top of Michigan Avenue
If you like sushi, and don’t mind a noisy scene, go to Japonais

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I’m not much of a hot dog fan, but in the fine city, I always have a Chi-Dog. Depending on the weather, a cruise on Michigan Lake to get a good look at the skyline is stunning. The Art Institute of Chicago is worth a visit, if you have a remote interest in famous works of art. Chicago has its fair share of ghosts. Any interest in architecture? If so, venture out to Oak Park to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio.

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Cubs game, so we are talking April-September (or maybe October!!! Hahahaha!).

Go to the beach! Would your dad be up for a bike ride? I would rent bikes on the lakefront path either by Addison (straight East of Wrigley) or the Ohio street beach downtown.

You can ride up and down the North Side.

The sights are like this and this

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I’m sorry. You could not pay me to go to Chicago. Have a good time.

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Bring a windbreaker. bum bum bum.LOL I drove by once. Stopped and ate at a Mcdonalds that was built over the freeway. Pretty cool.

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@Frenchfry You visited one of our oases! They are pretty cool. I think they might be unique to Illinois. (They’re near Chicago, not quite in the city).

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Thanks for the answers. I think I’m spending a week there so if I plan right I could go do almost everything that was suggested

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A week? Then more ideas!

If Indiana Jones had a museum,it would be The Oriental Institute. It’s my favorite museum in Chicago because it’s small, off the beaten path and has a spectacular collection.

The view from the The 95th (as in 95th floor) restaurant at the John Hancock building will amaze. The “secret” cheap alternative is the lounge/bar if you don’t want to spring for a whole meal. It’s connected to the restaurant, you can go into that kind of bar with your dad. I think you can, maybe call ahead.

Take the Brown Line L (yes, it is safe) north from the Loop to Diversey to visit Penny’s Noodles, about 20 minutes.

As @josie says, take a water taxi. On the weekend, you can ride to Chinatown.

Check the calendar for free outdoor concerts in Millennium Park

Also check the Ravinia calendar for not-free concerts. If you are downtown, it’s a 45 minute train ride north and the train drops you off right at the park.

The Lincoln Park Zoo in the city and nearby Brookfield Zoo are both wonderful.

Devon Avenue, around Western Ave, is the center of South Asian shopping in Chicago. You can drive there or take a cab. It’s safe and you can see a neighborhood built by some of the 20% of Chicagoans who were born outside the US.

There are a thousand of other great places, I haven’t begun to exhaust the possibilities, I only know a small part of it. Have fun and enjoy the city!

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Thanks a bunch to all of you who contributed! I’m excited already. Maybe I’ll post my schedule when it’s done? But again thank you all and I’ll do my best to fit it all in (hopefully).

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We’d love to know what you end up doing and what you enjoyed the most. Also, you might consider creating a blog of your trip, with photos included, just so you can share it with your family and friends.

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Thanks I’ll see what I can do about that. If I make a blog about it I’ll be sure to post the link here first with ratings of what I liked the most.

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