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adult ear infections?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) March 26th, 2007
How do you know when you have one, and what is the treatment? heat? cold?
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I think antibiotics is the only treatment that will get rid of the ear infection itself, although heat may help with any pain. Going to the doctor is probably your best bet.
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if you're on the herbal tip, you can also put garlic oil in your ears (get it at the herbalist or health food store.)
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another option is cleaning out your sinuses with warm saline (use a neti pot or a small syringe) -- that might clear it up.
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My family's used this for swimmers ears, it works well for ear infections. In a bottle with a cap, mix half of vinegar, half of rubbing alcohol. Tilt head on one side, pour in ears, and let sit for 10 seconds? and use a towel when you tilt your head back up. I would suggest ask the doctor/nurse first. The solution can be stored in a medicine cabinet. Not sure how long it will last. In our case, it lasted for a long time.

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Hi. I’m an Audiologist.

Treatment of an ear infection depends greatly on the site of the infection: Outer, Middle, or Inner ear. The only way to get a proper diagnosis and effective treatment is to consult a physician.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your case further.

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