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ITunes app store being a fail or is it just me?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) October 16th, 2010

It’s my first time trying to gift/buy an app in the iTunes store, I’m gifting the Whatsapp app for a friend of mine.

I’ve followed all the step, when I reach to “Buy Gift” it will send me to the “Payment information” page. There I put my security code in and then I’d click done, after that they’d ask me to put my password in but after that it stays on the “Payment information” page it doesn’t tell me that I’ve bought the gift or not.

So should it tell me something if I did bought the app or is iTunes store being a fail?

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Hmm… Sorry, I’m not familiar with gifting apps, but have you read this page? Scroll to the bottom.

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I just read the page and it’s exactly what I did. After this page where I confirm it, it will give me the “payment information” page where I have to put my credit card security code and then I have to click done but after clicking done Apple will ask me to put my Apple ID & password. After that it just stays on the “payment information” page. I t doesn’t tell me if it’s bought or not.

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I know there have been a lot of issues with gifting apps and payment information being declined. In those cases, users have gotten around it by buying their friends gift certificates instead of the actual apps themselves. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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I can’t really say but I think that it should be able to tell you if you’ve bought the gift.

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