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Why do so many female celeberties claim they are bisexual?

Asked by airowDee (1791points) October 16th, 2010

I recently read that LadyGaga was vacationing with her boyfriend, but not long ago she claimed to be part of the LGBTQ minority because she is bisexual.

I appreciate the fact that she is doing so much for queer people, and I am sure she is not claiming to be bisexual for attention or for money , at least not completely.

I feel that celebrities, like Angelina Jolies and LadyGaga, should try to claim their sexuality without calling themselves bisexual when it is obvious they will ultimately end up with men and have a bunch of kids.

Do you have a problem with their use of the term bisexuality?

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Who am I to question someone else’s declaration of their sexuality? I’m not in their heads. I don’t know their personal lives. It’s none of my business. If they want to announce it publicly, it’s still nothing to do with me. If they want to talk about politics, that’s one of the rights they are supposed to have in this country.

I can think anything I want of them. I can accuse them of having some agenda. So what? I really think there are better things to do than to pay attention to what some celebrity says about their sexuality. I really don’t care.

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Because a lot of them are. This data is a bit loaded since it comes from a internet dating site. <—that is the data for females. Half have either had gay sex or desire to do so.

Full thing is here.

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I think being a queer (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) is a big time life commitment. It is not about women making out with people of the same sex while waiting for her Mr.Right.

for example, i really do respect and love Ladygaga but i think she should be more careful before claiming the role of a gay person speaking on behalf of queers (even though i absolutely think she is awsome and passionate about queer rights)

“My name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. I am an American citizen, to the senate, to Americans, to Senator Olympia Snowe, Senator Susan Collins — both from Maine — and Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Equality is the prime rib of America. Equality is the prime rib of what we stand for as a nation. And I don’t get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat that my country has to offer. Are you listening? Shouldn’t everyone deserve the right to wear the same meat dress that I did? Repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” or go home. Go home. Thank you. ”

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From what I gather, Lady GaGa is all about drawing attention to herself.

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I think everyone is anyway – and from a marketing standpoint – it doesn’t really alienate anyone, right? You’re straight enough for the “heteros” and gay enough for the gays (all in quotes, pc today) and even the rednecks like it: they think they can get themselves a lesbo “sandwich” or something… basically, it’s playing up to everyone’s fantasy – and offending as few as possible. More records sold that way.

Then there are those who simply tell it like it is: Adam Lambert comes to mind. Some people are really simply bi-sexual and want everyone to know.

I think sexuality should be left for the bedroom – but this is naive: hollywood and the music industry are cutthroat and anything but simple and naive.

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It’s trendy to a certain extent.

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@wundayatta said it all. GA.

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Perhaps they claim to be bi-sexual because they are.

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There are so many degrees of queer, do you demand to know where on a scale lady gaga or anyone is in order to feel they’re allowed romance and/or love?

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Because it gets them publicity in Hollywood and Madonna paved easy street for all the others who followed suit!

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Getting married to a man and having kids doesn’t make one necessarily not bisexual. Only having relationships with men doesn’t mean that you aren’t also attracted to women. It’s very easy in Hollywood to announce that you’re bi, and get all the press and attention from it. Actually having a relationship with a woman often means getting all the bad press, too. I think some celebs certainly do exaggerate their attraction to the same sex, but that doesn’t mean a lot of them aren’t really bisexual. Statistically, more should bisexual and there should be more than a handful of gay men in Hollywood…

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Gadzooks, they say bi now, Gay later. Seriously, I think some think it is sheik to wear the mantel of bi-sexual because you can garner gay fans without being full blown Gay. Others just because it is a shock value admission with most still. Some truly are and feel because the LGBT movement has made it so commom place they can come out and say it when they could not generations ago.

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Most celebrities live in Hollywood and Los Angeles. Los Angeles is known as one of the perv capitals of the U.S lol…

There’s a lot of freedom in Hollywood, a lot of gay people, eccentrics, actors, artists, etc,

so people here are more open-minded, and explore their sexuality.

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I think most people have the potential to be a little bit bisexual. Take the Kinsey scale for instance, it’s a continuum between “totally straight” and “totally gay”. I think the main difference between man and women is that women who are just a teeny bit up from “totally straight” will happily and publically declare themselves to be bi, whereas men need to be way up there near the “totally gay” end before they dare admit it. And that’s why there appears to be more bi women than bi men. But I blame society and it’s fear of femininity for that. Men who display any trace of femininity get bullied, women who display masculinity don’t so it’s naturl that men will be secretive about it and women will be public.

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Why do they do anything trendy?

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For attention. It holds a certain novelty, “edgy” value.

I personally don’t think Lady GaGa is bisexual by definition but if that’s how she wants to define her sexuality, I respect her right to do so.

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They want male,female and lesbian fans?

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