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What does "Que Colores" mean?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) April 1st, 2008

I remember seeing this bumber sticker about 20 years ago. What was the cultural significance of the slogan at the time? What was the historical meaning of it?

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I’m guessing that it means “what colors” in English, and they didn’t want racism.

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Are you sure it didn’t say, “De Colores”?

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“of colors”?

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I agree with stang, in english it means “what colors”.
The cultural significance is probably someone getting upset with all of the illegal immigration acts and crackdowns that the federal and state governments are instituting.
Also, may be against the volunteers who are armed and “escorting” illegals out of the country

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literal translation: which colors?

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Now that I have thought about it, I wonder if it wasn’t “De colores” as isteve suggested.
It was a long time ago. And I agree with 65Stang that it probably had something to do with lessening prejudices. Does anyone have an specific information on the historical context?

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Wow, I’m really dumb.
It is right there on wikipedia:

Now I understand the connection. It was an anthem for the United Farm workers. I am from an area that had some seasonal pickers and thus it is not surprising that I saw this bumper sticker in my youth.

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Okay, here’s what I know about the “De Colores” bumper stickers… There’s this, I guess group, of members from several churches of all different faiths that meets and does good works together.called Cursillo You get “initiated” into this by being sponsored by someone who’s already a member and you go on this weekend retreat with several others at the same time. They make all the meals for you, have workshops, etc., and one of their big things is they teach you this kids song in Spanish called “De Colores” and they sing it all the time. It became their big thing and when you meet others who are in this group, you greet each other by saying, “De colores!” and the bumper stickers are like a flag telling other people that you are in this group.

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Well, that makes a lot more sense!
Thanks iSteve.

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