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Is there a word for "tastes like it smells"?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12665points) October 17th, 2010

Is there a word that means “tastes like it smells”. Like in the sentence “She was afraid to try the cheese, because she was afraid that it would taste like it smelled”, is it possible to replace “taste like it smelled” with “be ______”?

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Hedonic Taste in Drosophila Revealed by Olfactory…
by M Hiroi – 2008 – Cited by 4 – Related articles
Taste neurons expressing ectopic olfactory receptors can sense odors at close…. From the work of Benton et al [7], we know that ORs can be expressed in…

The above isn’t of course the kid of literary answer you are looking for but may help you find the kind of languaging you are looking for…..A basic hedonism and ability to savor what has been detected accurately through the olfactory systems as divine on the palatte.

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Taste and smell are closely tied.

I recall reading that if you plug your nose, apple and onion are hard to tell apart. Now I feel sorry I never tested the idea.

Not a direct answer but food for thought!

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I so want to say vagina, but alas I dare not. So i’ll go for Synesthesia. Close but no cigar, maybe.

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I feel like “pungent” covers both taste and smell.

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Don’t know one. But if there is, I bet that it ends in ..ic. Or maybe ..ive. or ..ary.

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Synesthesia is the term your looking for.

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Synesthesia? Really?
I don’t think so, but smells-> flavor is on this list.

So maybe, but definately not to a large degree.

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Synaesthesia isn’t it, I don’t think. Synaesthesia is when a stimulus causes a reaction in sensory organs that it can’t affect. I don’t think it would be possible to prove smell>taste synaesthesia because it’s so difficult to separate the two. You wouldn’t know it was true synaethesia because it might just be you can smell and taste the thing at the same time. In my case I get certain colours from hearing certain sounds, but it’s pretty limited.

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@downtide Well, taste, is 80% smell. And besides, it is impossible to tell what is meant by smell->flavor unless i expiriance it (if i don’t have it, very unlikey) or meet someone who actually has it, or find a description (haven’t found any).

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Block your nose and an onion and apple taste the same.

Anosmia is when you lose one or both senses.

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No, it is definitely not synesthesia.

I don’t know of any word for “tastes like it smells.” In your sample sentence, I would be inclined to fill in the blank with something specific—for example, “She was afraid to try the cheese because it smelled like a decaying corpse and she was afraid that it would taste as foul.”

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I don’t think there’s a word for it, at least not in English. This question was also puzzled over here and no one was able to produce a word or term for this phenomenon. (they did, however, make some up)

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Snake tongue

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