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Best April Fool joke?

Asked by syz (35647points) April 1st, 2008

I’ve never successfully pulled off a great prank (I also suck at telling jokes). What’s the best prank you’ve ever seen?

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Question this Answer comes to mind.

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Ya’all get it?????

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Or are you all April Fools???

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one of my friends woke up this morning, showered, and opened the bathroom door, only to his the wall of saran wrap that his little brother had put up.

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My mom and my three aunts always ate breakfast at my grandmother’s before work. My grandmother cooked breakfast everyday for them. My cousin, who is the same age as me, decided to put sugar in the salt container and salt in the sugar one and then left for the bus stop. Our mom’s and aunt’s sugared their eggs and salted their coffee. Do you know they were so mad at us that they came to school and had us called to the office. That was the worst I ever was punished. We were punished for pulling the prank and for wasting food. It was worth it, but I have never pulled another prank. We were in the eighth grade, but it feels like yesterday!

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