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Forty two!

Asked by robmandu (21285points) April 1st, 2008

Now you come up with the Question.

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what is 21+21?

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Hint: the tags are helpful.

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what is your age?

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What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?


Also… what you get if you multiply six by nine. :)

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@delirium, you’re halfway there. Deep Thought was built to provide the Answer… but he had to design and build the Earth to calculate the Question.

What is the Question?

In the book, “what do you get if you multiply six by nine?” was ruled out as too literal. But I like the consistent referencing and staying on point. GQ!

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How many roads must a man go down?

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How many things are different on fluther today???

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Okay, thanks to @fury, that’s outta the way.

Following @scamp’s example, feel free to come up with your own. Since the Earth was destroyed to make way for an hyperspatial bypass only 5 minutes before its program had completed, the true Question was never completely calc’d.

So have fun!

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I know!!! How old is Steve?!!

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nice one robmandu

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What is everything?

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What is the secret?

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How many times will I be rickroll‘d today?

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What is one day before 4/2?

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“Think of a number, any number.”

You know, Marvin knows, and that’s what he asked the mattress (“Think of a number, any number.” “Five?” “WRONG!”)

I wanted to answer that! :P

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what is tomorrow’s date?

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What is the number of casmier sweaters a chicken stole

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@kapuerajam: 6×9 = FAIL

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Rob…. its from hitchhikers guide. The math is intentionally wrong.

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Holy crap!

All this time, and I NEVER caught on that the book asked the Ultimate Question that way!!!!

Robmandu == FAIL

Most sincere apologies, @kapuerajam. May all your quips be awarded much lurve!

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Hahahahaha, we still love you, rob.

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@robmandu – actually, it asked it in several ways.

Unfortunately, the explanation I liked best is no longer there. I’d say Marvin asked the question when talking to the mattress:

<Marvin> Think of a number, any number.
<Mattress> Ehm, five?
<Marvin> WRONG!

I like to think “Think of a number, any number” is the ultimate question to life, the universe and everything, even if it doesn’t have a question mark ;-)

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