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What are these weird things in this person's eye?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) October 17th, 2010


Why are there those little ridges and such, what are the called, etc?

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Okay, haha, I guess no one knows.

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My guess is it’s tissue that expands and contracts around the iris.

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I think it is a close up of a rectum not an eyeball.

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That looks like an iris to me.

I think the iris is basically a muscle so those ridges could be striations, but IIRC, only voluntary muscles have striations and I think the iris is an involuntary muscle.

The above is just a guess on my part.

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I think it’s a normal iris. Here is another image I found on Google. I’m guessing that the image you posted is a scanning electron micrograph, and thus is way more detailed than a standard close-up of the iris.

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just wanted to say…awesome image!!!

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@nebule : Here are more, if you want to see. ^^

@Brian1946 : What is IIRC?

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If I Remember Correctly. I should put that and my other obscure acronyms in my profile.

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@Brian1946 : xD No big deal, its all good.

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@troubleinharlem Thank you…so cool!! which just goes to show that people with blue eyes are better… only kidding!

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@nebule: Haha, I wish I had blue eyes! Although, my mum says that they would make me look weird with my darker skin… xD

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