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Have you ever made tortillas from scratch?

Asked by Kayak8 (16447points) October 17th, 2010

I am interested in recipes and techniques for making both corn and flour tortillas.

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Yeah. It takes some practice to get it right. I don’t know the exact proportions but it was basically flour, bacon fat and water. After you get them rolled out (stretched out, actually) you throw them on a dry griddle for a few moments to brown them ever so slightly. Don’t know about corn ones.

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Corn tortillas are probably easier, since they have fewer ingredients (corn masa and water) and are usually pressed in a tortilla press rather than rolled.

You can get recipes from the bags of corn masa or harina para tortillas. If you have a Mexican grocery you can also get readymade masa dough which just needs to be pressed and cooked!

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My Mexican grandmother has been making flour tortillas from scratch for over sixty years. The animal fat @Dutchess_III mentions is the standard method, but vegetable oil can be used instead – when I became a vegetarian she made the switch without anyone really even noticing.

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I use this recipe for whole wheat tortillas, except I make 12 instead of 8. I use the recipe on the bag of masa harina for corn tortillas – oh, so good! A little extra work on both, but well worth the effort! I use a tortilla press for corn tortillas, and a large straight-sided glass to roll out the wheat tortillas (inside two sheets of wax paper).

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Do you all use a cast iron press or . . . .

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I used an aluminum one I bought for cheap in a Mexican grocery. I lost it a while back and need to replace it! I also had an electric combination press and cooker that disappeared a while back- that was a nice thing to have.

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The cooker I had was kind of like this one.

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@crisw So it smashes the dough AND cooks it?

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Yes, exactly.

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