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Can recoil from a gun hurt you?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 17th, 2010 from iPhone
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Yes….well most larger caliber firearms will obviously have more potential to bark back at you.

Low calibers like 22’s, and 410 are pretty easy going but even a short barrel .38 can fight back if you are not prepared for the recoil. If you hold the gun correctly even a 10 yr old can shoot a 12 gauge and break a smile after they shoot it.

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Absolutely. Fire a shotgun with a 3” deer slug with the stock away from your shoulder. .
Or a handgun held loosely. Ouch.
Here’s an example
Also here
There are lots of examples on youtube.

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Only if you are either holding the gun incorrectly, too weak to handle the power of the caliber, or you are using a very large caliber.

I’ve bruised my shoulder plenty of times using 12 gauge turkey nitro shells and shooting 7,62×54mm rounds out of my Mosin Nagant, and I hurt for a few days after a family friend let me shoot his .500 Holland and Holland elephant gun.

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Yes.An M1 Garand made me yell obscenities ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Stick with the Carbine and padded butt stock!!!

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Yes, anything held incorrectly can hurt you, bad.

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it shouldn’t really hurt you, rather cause some discomfort. If the firearm is held properly, that is. A shooters vest helps or energy absorbing but pads on the rifle or both. There are long guns and pistols that will always be uncomfortable if shooting a lot. I had the opportunity to fire a Thompson “contender” chambered for Government 45/70. I did not like that gun.

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I ended up with a nice bruise at the top of my arm from not shouldering my shotgun properly!

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You surely can get bruises, but it’s better than being on the other end.

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I can attest to shoulder bruises from prolonged 12 gauge use. You have to do a lot in a day, or be very unused to it, or a very small person. As this happened more when I was first learning to shoot, part of it was likely that I was holding the firearm wrong, as @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard said.

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