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Lately I've had the feeling of something stuck in my throat; what could it be?

Asked by DominicX (28762points) October 17th, 2010

This has been going on for about a week or so, and I have never experienced this before. It just feels like there is something stuck in my throat. I don’t have any difficulty swallowing or breathing or anything like that, I don’t have heartburn. But the feeling is still there. This morning when I woke up, I didn’t feel it at all, but as soon as I started eating, I could feel it again.

It’s really bothering me, and yes, I will be seeing a doctor eventually, but I was hoping maybe someone would have some information about it before I do so, just so I can stop having this 24/7 stress that I’ve been experiencing because of this.

I’d been looking on Google, but everyone keeps mentioning more serious symptoms like dizziness and nausea, which I haven’t been experiencing. It’s just the feeling of something stuck in my throat, nothing more.

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I get that feeling from sinus or post nasal drip or something like that. Do you have a stuffy head or any cold or allergy symptoms? The other possibility that comes to mind is that you ate something that scratched you on the way down.

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Sorry, i’m not a doctor…But I believe that 10 different docs could give you ur question 100 different answers…
So you must always see a doctor as you already said it =)))

But once I had that feeling this summer..and It was driving me a little bit paranoid… I’ll answer anyway..
First I started to eat lots of bread…Since someone told me that…well… it may clean…
But…it didn’t help..So, 2 pounds later, I noticed that I only felt it in the right side of my neck, so I twisted my head in a certain way..and felt it in my throat and swallow it…and it was gone forever, so I guess it was only something stuck!

Now…I don’t know what may be in your case, and I don’t know if this precedure may hurt you or even make things worse!!!

So, be careful and see a doctor =)

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My grandmother would say to eat bread. It could be a piece of popcorn, or small piece of nut caught in the back of your throat.

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I had this happen recently, only I had accidentally swallowed a big clump of food. It then felt like I had something lodged in my esophagus, but it didn’t go away. I tried drinking big gulps of water and eating food to try to dislodge it, but the sensation stayed. Like you, I felt better when I woke up, and then as soon as I started drinking coffee, the feeling came back. The sensation stayed for about 3 days, then randomly went away by itself.

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My son had this same sensation that lasted for well over a week. He went to the doctor, and found out it was a tiny food particle.

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I had the same thing after I almost choked on a piece of hot dog. I was fine but I couldn’t shake the feeling of having something “stuck”. The doctor said it was a psychosomatic “tissue memory” response and it would go away. It did. My friend had the exact same symptom but she, it turned out, had a strep infection. So no one answer covers your question.

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I’m not a doctor but I suffer from this condition alot. It could be a condition called “globus sensation” with can be caused by several things but usually it is stress related because the throat muscles will contract giving you the feeling of something stuck in the throat. Maybe this link will help. This not a diagnosis but it is something I’ve had for many years which seems to happen to me on and off.

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It may be tonsillolith. I have this condition but not as severe as some of the cases. Not alot of doctors seem to be aware of the condition (not where I live anyways). I only found it because I searched online a couple years ago; I was amazed and happy to see I wasn’t all that abnormal lol.

Whenever I get this problem, it feels like something is stuck near my tonsils or on them but most of the time I can’t see the cause. I ended having to get a syringe type thing to clean the pits in my tonsils once in awhile.

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Probably a nasty sticky hocker. Gargle with some warm salt water 3 times a day. Put pressure right under your larynx as you gargle so you can get it way down there and not swallow the water as you gargle in your throat. I had one that was stuck and this worked to clear it away.
If it still sticks around than it may be something else and you need to see a doctor.

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Could be stress related too.

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Yes. I have experienced this. I learned it was from my mouth being too clean and the ph balance being off, therefore the back of the tongue and the lining of the throat can develop rough patches which cause a feeling of something being lodged in the throat.

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If you turn out to be healthy but continue to have the scratchy throat, you might want to get your house tested for mold.

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2010 Is a long time ago…however someone may need this information so here it goes. There is condition the common name is Tonsil Stones. If you still have your tonsils this is something you may want to look into. Your tonsils are the first line of defense against illness passing through your throat…post nasal drip comes to mind. Anyhow these little nets catch the bacteria as a defense but sometimes catch other stuff like food or mucus ect… Your body will try to purge them from your tonsils, they look like little chunks of white or yellowish gravel. Sometimes it feels like something is stuck in your throat. If you take a cotton swab and gently push on your tonsil moving it to one side you make see that little white piece of gravel. It will most likely pop out. just spit it out. I really urge you not to break open the debris as bacteria are present and it stinks pretty bad. pretty much like crap. Anyone who has bad breath and has tonsils this is probably the cause of your terrible breath. Hope this helped

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