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He was the first President of the United States.

Asked by sferik (6101points) April 1st, 2008
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I deeply hope someone stole your iPhone.

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I hate you. This is why I need to check my calendar every morning.

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Is someone multitasking? And failing miserably at it?

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On who’s birthday do you get sales on shoes?

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Is this a question? I’m confused…

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Oh wait, its Columbus Day I’m thinking of. Sorry, not from the US.

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Who is that dude on the one dollar bill?

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Why’d they build that big phallic monument to this guy?

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How come he gets to be on my money?

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Fluther Jeopardy

who is George Washington?

Trebeck: That is correct!

Ok Alex I’ll take Cap’n obvious for $300

Trebeck: “how do I win her heart?”


What is “it doesn’t matter you’re only in Jr. high.

Trebeck: That is correct!

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What does this mean?

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John Hanson was the first president. This was under the articles of confederation which preceeded the constitution. Of course, Washington was the first constitutional president.

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Well, I’ll be schumckered!

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You’re right about the first President’s gender.

However, he is still the first dude that was a US Prez.

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