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What's the latest on whether or not new Fluther t-shirts are going to be made available?

Asked by FutureMemory (24491points) October 17th, 2010

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And coffee cups, ice trays, glass ware…

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Jellyfish-shaped ice molds would be awesome.

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I’m totally on it, but it’s not a quick process. We want to make sure that A) everything is high quality and B) ethically produced. Harder to find than you’d think!

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I totally agree with the jellyfish-shaped ice molds! Brilliant idea!!! @augustlan, any chance it could happen?

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@augustlan Thanks for your behind-the-scenes work! As for t-shirts, I vote for more color choices…at least one other than brown.

If you are interested in a recommendation for a contact that does the legwork for finding manufacturers that meet your needs, let me know. I have one that I used to use that was wonderful at locating some that used high quality, sustainable products.

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We do intend to offer more tee color choices, for sure. I’ll look into ice trays! @Pied_Pfeffer PM me that info, if you would. That might come in handy!

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@augustlan Great news on all fronts. Can’t wait to buy my non-brown shirt!

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@augustlan Could I get a special Fluther shirt that said “Fact From Fiction, Truth From Diction” on the back?

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@FutureMemory Or down the side of the right arm.

@augustlan Have you talked to lucillelucillelucille? Maybe she can be commissioned to make the mugs. That woman is exceptionally talented.

Also, having on the handle would be nice…and a bit of advertising. Oh, and the green circle with the white exclamation point on the bottom of the mug so that it’s visible when raised for drinking.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I love the idea for the bottom of the mug, but I don’t know about putting the name on anything. I know for sure it won’t be on the t-shirts.

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