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Remember those wax casting amusement park vending machines?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) October 17th, 2010

I remember in the 70’s and 80’s some amusement parks had these wax casting machines. You’d put in a couple quarters and this hot wax would pour into a mould to create a cast of like a trolley car or whatever. Anyone remember those things? I’m trying to look them up online but can’t find anything. What would you call it?

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I remember those. And the penny stretching machines. I don’t know what they called them, though… I’ll put on my thinking cap.

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The city zoo in my town still has them. I used to use them all the time when I was small.

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Yes, the Los Angeles Zoo had them and the wax had a smell unlike anything else I’ve come across since. I kept a Green wax lion for years because of that smell.

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They had them at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan (that was 10 years ago). I have a wee wax Rosa Parks bus.

Henry Ford Museum

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@mrentropy Ahh the old penny stretching machine. drop 3 quarters in, on top of a penny/nickel and it comes out a defaced non-monetary unit with the bas-relief of stone mountain on the back. where did Monticello goooo?, pretty cool stuff. Stone Mountain rules!

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When I was a kid Universal Studios had mold-o-rama-esq machines for all of their big horror monster stars. I got one of the Frankenstein monster – green.

(I never understood the penny imprint machines. It seems to teach kids it’s OK to deface currency; a felony in the U.S.)

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@ipso Maybe it was so they would stop doing it on the train tracks?

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@mrentropy although the tracks is the most undisputed way to have a good time. “good-bye american thunder” and shape this zinc casting into the history books.

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