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The lions in my stomach are fighting, how can I calm them down?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) October 17th, 2010 from iPhone

The lions in my stomach are fighting and are making me feel sick. I can’t eat anything and I don’t want to attempt to. Any ideas on how to get them to stop without icky medicine. I hate that pepto-bismol junk.

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You can try some flat ginger ale. It has to be flat.

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be a trooper and force that pepto bismol down your throat :D

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Uhm, Pepto comes in a pill form now.

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@syz it’s still gross :(

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Go ahead and frow up!

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@ducky_dnl look on the bright side you are allowed to the nasty tasting cough medicine dance lolo

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F’ flat ginger ale. Carbonated ginger ale all the way.

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My question is, how did you get lions in your stomach? Live lions at that!!

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The broth from won ton soup.

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Just don’t eat any food that you aren’t willing to give up for the next ten years before the technicolor yawn hits. Ginger ale and Saltines are great for the post event.

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@Dutchess_III Here’s the story. I went to a land of munchkin animals. There were bears, bats, iguanas, okapi’s, and lions. I found two munchkin lions named Ike and Cujo. Ike and Cujo said if I gobbled them up, they would eat the evil Romans in my stomach that were poking holes in my tummy with their spears. I agreed to their deal and gobbled them up. They stuck true to their word and ate the Roman soldiers. They are fighting each other out of boredom and to upset me. I don’t think I have anymore Roman soldiers though.

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I either opt for a glass of milk or a cold coke. Also chew on peppermint chicklets, not good for your teeth but great for the belly.

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Can you feel the cramps tonight?” :¬)

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@ducky_dnl Geez ducky! Well, now we have a puzzle. What are lions afraid of? .... I know! Munchkin Maori with spears!! I think they have some on sale at Walmart.

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