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How late is too late to change your major?

Asked by ISUTF224 (35points) October 17th, 2010

Is junior year too late to switch majors?

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A major can always be changed. It may require more classes in order to graduate, depending upon how diverse the majors are. This is a great topic to discuss with a school counselor so all the factors are known.

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Your best bet is to speak with your academic advisor or counselor about how to proceed.

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I second speaking to a counselor. Sometimes, you might be able to apply credit taken for one major towards fulfilling the graduation requirements of another major.

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Of course you are going to ultimately talk to your counselor, but I believe that it is never too late to change you major. In fact, instead of fully changing it you might be able to make it a minor if you have fulfilled most of the requirements. So in essence, you may be able to change your major but also keep your current major as a minor? There are many options but it all depends on what you have already taken and how far you are away from a milestone (emphasis, minor, etc) in your current major. Plus, if you don’t change your major just because you may think that it is “too late” you may always be wishing you had made the choice to switch. I hope that makes sense? I wish you luck in your future academic endeavors!

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after you get your degree is not too late… you should always change to what you want learn

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@talljasperman ‘s point is true as well. A friend majored in law and decided it wasn’t for her. She went back to school and is now finishing up her medical degree.

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Kind of depends what you’re switching from… eg. political science to public policy might not be a big deal because some of the classes might overlap, but political science to biology or engineering would mean you would have to catch up on a lot.

Personally, I feel junior year is too late, but that’s just me and it depends on a lot of factors. If you know you’re never going to be really happy in the direction that you’re currently going, then I would make the switch. It’s worth the extra work. If you think you might just be unsure or having cold feet, talk to your advisor and figure it out.

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