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What are the best ways to sterilize shoes for resale?

Asked by rexpresso (922points) October 17th, 2010

Say you want to setup a shop where people come sell their shoes and they can buy other second-hand shoes.

You want to make sure that customers aren’t passing foot diseases around. You don’t even want any odors to persist.

What do you do? What do you use?

I know of the existance of What else?

Many thanks for all you can do.

And by the way, if it helps you help me, the most of the proceedings of the explained shop, will go to put shoes in the feet of the shoeless poorest.


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Lysol spray. I know my mom use to spray down my brothers shoes and sneakers with it.

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The bowling alley’s spray lysol in the rental shoes, so I’m assuming that will help to kill germs.

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Im with chyna. The bowling alley’s spray is the only thing I can think of. There may be something else on the market that is meant for that purpose.

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Bowling alleys live and die by their shoe rentals to the general public. I’d be pretty confident that whatever they’re doing works well enough.

If you want to be hyper-vigilant, then I suppose you could contract with an irradiation company to irradiate them for you—but then you’d have to be concerned (if you told your customers—and I can’t imagine that you’d lie to them) that some of your more ignorant customers would think that the shoes were now “radioactive”, and would spread that sort of mindless fear. Or it could be a teaching moment, as you slowly go out of business.

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As a rule, shoes are one of the things that should only be bought new. As they are worn they change shape, taking on the peculiarities of one’s foot, and it’s bad for another’s feet to be molded in the wrong way.
Shoes are on most lists of things that should always be bought new:,0,7852133.photogallery

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Some shoes are bought for hundreds of dollars and are only used once. Many of us know at least someone guilty of this excess. That’s mainly my target. As for other shoes… more used and deformed, well, that consideration makes total sense, anyway, can you think of any way to “reform” the shoes to go back to a neutral format?

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People buy used shoes?

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Some people will even use them for free.

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