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Anyone have artistic inspiration to share?

Asked by Fluthyou (673points) October 17th, 2010

Does anyone know of any movies, websites, music videos, anything, that an artist might find inspirational?

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Anything to do with nature is inspiring to me.

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Going through this now…plugging into another artist’s passion for their work, truly understanding what makes them fly creatively inspires my own creativity..and I think emotions like passion, annoyance, disturbance leads to the best art, imo, vs seeing objects.

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I find that I start with one item. And then I spontaneously begin to add things from there. Until I have a page full of larger symbols and smaller symbols within them. There is an actual picture but when you look closer there are stories and comments about living. Each piece uses words to make up the graphic in part. Brilliant color always plays off of black as it represents the void of all knowledge for me. When I complete a piece I look back and know that I was working through some difficult aspect of my life. I have a series that speaks of a lover I lost. The series is nearing completion now. I sense this since it appears I am working on a cover entitled: “El Saga de Rapido de Tigre y Pajarito Alegria; una novella de pasion y angustia.” Translated this means…The saga of Swift Tiger and Joybird; a novel of passion and anquish (or heartbreak).
The series did not unfold in linear timeline fashion. It was as if I worked on one part of the story flashing ahead and then turned back to examine other aspects. To give you an idea…In one I drew a medicine bag or amuletta. I showed what was inside it and the prayers it contained…then I worked on an island in the sea…next a series of moons that to me designated a time frame although I didn’t see it when I was working on it….and then these swirls of foam….in the end I realized I had drawn the figurative Tsunami about to hit my lovely little dream of being loved forever by this particular man.
All my art is like that….it starts one place but rarely ends where I had imagined it would.

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I can’t draw to save my life but I can write. When I was trying to jump-start my writing, I’d go to art galleries or museums, bring a notebook and start free-association writing about what I saw. Pick a medium that you don’t use and try to translate it into your own language.

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There is a website I find very inspirational,
Check it out (no, I am not connected in any way) and see what you think.

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Nothing is more inspiring than an art museum. Or just walk the halls of any school and admire the artwork on the hallway walls done by children whose minds are expressing themselves freely, unencumbered by the edicts of formal artistic interpretations.

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Re: music

Being “in the other room”, and barely able to hear a song; where you can just hear partial components of a rhythm; and maybe some semblance of melody; and very slight whiff of timbre here and there – but for the life of you cannot identify the song – this can be an amazing place.

If just low enough, you can build your own diverse melodies, full rhythms, and grand integrated solos of your own design. The source, if you want to go identify it, usually turns out to have been a corny old classic rock song, but in your mind you’ve somehow been enabled to create a self-styled grand “masterpiece”; but – like a dream – you have to quickly get it down on paper or recorder or it will be lost.

Same thing for movie scripts. Daydream exotic situational heroics, and then sketch iconic scenes. Moves are flowy structured daydreams anyway; the good ones.

It’s not about the dreaming, it’s about the capture/translation. I find that’s the “hard part”.

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Not very substantial, but this just inspired me.

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@MissPoovey that’s a cool site.

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My biggest inspiration comes from listening to music. Nothing fancy, just what is on my iPod. A different mood is created when listening to each song. Colors, patterns, various lines, etc. can be used to portray this mood in your art.

Also, if you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, you should check out an app called Plethora. It is updated daily with inspiration for art, architecture, design, etc. It is one of my favorite apps!

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Being a photographer I like exploring Flickr. I have also recently stumbled across this website.

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