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Can I wear an 80's theme halloween costume in Vegas for Halloween?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) October 17th, 2010

I am going to Las Vegas for Halloween 2010 and I know that everyone dresses up the whole weekend there for Halloween and all the clubs have costume contests and such.

I want to wear an 80’s themed outfit (Leggings, layered colored tanks, cutoff sweatshirt, heals, leg warmers, side pony tail and crazy makeup) but I am concerned that the clubs won’t let me in because some have dress codes of “no sweatshirts” etc. (But its Halloween, right?)

I guess my question is: will I be dressed up enough to be let into clubs? I am thinking “yes” because its Halloween and technically I am going to be wearing a costume but I wanted to make sure. And if anyone has gone to Vegas for Halloween before give me some good advice as to where to go and what to expect.

Thank you!

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Lol, being in Vegas and all I almost doubt that anyone would realize that you were dressed up for Halloween. I think that you can do whatever you want though. If you’re having fun then who cares!

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I’ve been to Las Vegas a half a dozen times, but not for Halloween. I’d place a $100 bet that you will be welcomed into just about any club, if not all, in your costume.

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I haven’t seen any dress code for any club I’ve ever been in. People wear all manner of dress and most manner of undress as well.

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The beauty about Halloween you can wear anything. Go for it.

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Yes, just carry a mask.

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Wear whatever you want.
But your question reminds me of something that I have always been curious about.
Why do people wear an “outfit” on Halloween that is really not a costume at all?
I remember a time when I was a little younger, going to Halloween parties and, for example, some of the girls would go as “hookers” except they really were not in a costume, they simply looked like the same old girl in a miniskirt, fishnet stockings and lots and lots of make up.
What is that all about?

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@josie: I think anything can be a costume. It is particular to each individual person. My typical style does not include anything pertaining to the 80’s. You would never catch me on a regular day wearing anything that would make you think, 80’s. So for me, this outfit most definitely constitutes as a “costume.” Personally, I did not want to spend a ton of money on something that I am only going to wear one time, therefore my costume is economical. There was also a small desire not to look like every other girl wearing a sluttish cop, firefighter, sports player or fairy costume. My motives were economical/ I don’t want to be a sellout with some cheap p.o.s. “every other girl has it” costume.

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