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Why not other flavored milk other than chocolate, strawberry, and butter?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) October 18th, 2010

Other than regular you can get milk in chocolate flavor a favorite, strawberry, and buttermilk. Why are there no other flavors? Why no banana, peanutbutter, orange, caramel, etc.? Is it because they just don’t mix in milk or because they don’t blend well with natural milk taste?

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You’re not looking hard enough. Banana flavoured milk is very common and caramel isn’t that hard to find although it’s usually mixed with chocolate.

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There is also vanilla milk, one of my daughters loves that stuff.

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my town has over 10 flavors of milk… One not listed above is Cappuccino

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@augustlan I love vanilla flavoured milk.

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Banana milk is very common, as is vanilla. Citrus fruits don’t seem to lend themselves to flavouring milk, but I’m not a food scientist so I have no idea why.

FYI, Buttermilk isn’t a flavoured milk – it was originally a by-product of the butter churning process, although now it is also cultured specifically by adding bacteria to ordinary milk.

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I drink banana milk!

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it sounds yucky XD

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Indeed, they do exist! Apparently, the more creative flavors are in Australia and New Zealand. Here is a list of some of the flavors. Lime…really??

The article also mentions Sipahh Straws which I’m sure were around in the ‘60s. They were paper straws coated on the inside and came in a variety of flavors.

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Lucy, i agree. its yucky. what is wrong with just plain, cold milk? you loved it as a child, so why does it now need to be flavored?

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There’s soy milk too! (oh wait, that’s not a flavor…)

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At the farm we sell glass bottled chocolate milk, regular milk, banana milk, strawberry milk, and (my favorite) milk!

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I despise anything other than good old natural cow juice. Leave milk be Say I :¬)

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@cprevite – Coffee milk is really big in Rhode Island. I think that it is the official state drink! They sell it in Mass., too.

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@answerjill: Yup, I’m in Mass.

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Banana and vanilla are very popular in the UK.

I won’t have any of them, unless they’re vegan. I love a banaba & soyamilk-shake.

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Spearmint is a very very popular milk flavour… yummy too.

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