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Any suggestions for care and feeding of a gecko?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38082points) October 18th, 2010

…at least I think it’s a gecko. It’s only 4.5 cm long including a 1.5 cm long tail. Last week, I drove a car up from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida up to Western NY where we have snow something like 8 months out of the year. I came out the car this morning (temp 8C or 45F) and found what looked like a dead gecko on the driver’s door. I picked it up, put it on a tissue, and placed it in the sun on top of my wood pile. After about an hour it started to move slowly. I brought it in the house in a plastic container and it is moving much faster.
Clearly this is not a cold climate critter. I think he’ll make it if I keep him/her indoors.
What do I feed this guy? The google article says bugs, but that’s not going to happen. Sorry. I just made a soft boiled egg and will put some of that on a tray with water and lettuce.
I am open to suggestions: bacon? salmon? I can always put him back outside where he will become food for the birds in about 10 seconds but I want to give him a chance. He’s got 1700 frequent traveler miles on that tiny butt.
Should I just let him run loose in the house? Any suggestions?

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Most geckos are carnivores that need to see their food moving. Crickets or meal worms from the pet store usually work.

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I’d let it go, but I’ll check with a herpatologist friend of mine.

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It is so darn cold up here and there are so many sparrows grabbing food for winter I figure he’d be gone in no time. The insects have gone underground already. I suppose I could try to find a moth or two tonight but even that might be difficult.
Should I put grass clippings in there too?

@ratboy There is no way I’m running to a pet store to feed this guy. Unless he’s willing eat something I’ve got, he’s going to be hungry.

@Rarebear This really is not the best climate for the poor thing.

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@worriedguy I missed the part where the gecko had been trapped in your door. I thought you just found it outside (serves me right for skimming).

I’ll find out for you.

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@Rarebear. Right. This climate is 1800 miles from his home and I’m not about to drive him back. Gee… Do you think I can send it to the Ft Lauderdale post office c/o Postmaster? I’ll bet they’d just love that.
So far, he has just been sitting in the tray looking at the food. Probably waiting for a bug to come out.

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I can’t believe I actually did this but I went out and turned over some rocks looking for bugs. I found a small earthworm about 2mm thick and 3 cm long that I put on top of the lettuce. It is crawling around the bottom of the tank now under the watchful eye of the gecko. So far he has not taken the bait.
It is possible this guy just hatched?

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those small brown crickets and/ or mealworms from the pet store. They’re pretty cheap, better if you have an old glass aquarium to put them all in. Use a water bottle with a spray nozzle to mist everything for the little guy to drink. Get some kind of substrate like wood shavings and fake leaves/ plants in the tank. Include something for it to hide under. A light bulb in a reflector type fixture that has UV coating to keep it warm. A regular bulb won’t be ideal but it will be better than nothing. This all might seem involved but it’s what will give him a chance. You may be able to go online and search for Florida reptiles to see what you got there?

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I agree with the above posters about getting crickets or mealworms from the pet store. If you prefer not to feed him bugs, have you considered making a posting on craigslist or freecycle to find someone familiar with lizards that might want a pet?

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@woodcutter It looks like a Florida Reef Gecko to me.
@TheOnlyNeffie I really like your idea of posting on Criagslist or Freecycle. That way it will go to a good home.

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I advertised the little guy on Freecycle. and within an hour had 4 people. The ad was canceled because you can’t advertise pets. Who knew?

The first person to answer took him to a good home. It was a much shorter ride than the previous one.
Thanks for the great idea @TheOnlyNeffie ! I wish I could give you more lurve!.

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this is good news

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