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Have you ever unintentionally met or interacted somehow with someone from Fluther?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) October 18th, 2010

It’s a small world after all…
I have suspicions that my life has crossed with a fellow jelly… It is the only explanation I have for a kind of freaky situation, and I was just wondering if this is something that happens a lot on here. It used to be such a small community but it really has grown, so I am thinking maybe it happens more than I realized.

p.s. I am making the topics kind of irrelavant with the question, but relavent in the way my path would have crossed with this certain jelly, in hopes that this person will read this and tell me so that I will feel better… Otherwise I will probably be really freaked out until I get to the bottom of this situation

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I’m sure I noticed through someone’s window the other day that fluther was on their screen. Not that I look in folks’ windows you understand.

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Almost, yes. And we’ll leave it at that.

(I don’t want to name jelly names. Privacy issues).

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The only way another Jelly would have interacted with me is if they encountered me somewhere around Nacogdoches, Texas, or if they crossed paths with me on my biannual pilgramage to North Carolina. It would be pretty easy to recognize me, since I would be riding the biggest Harley they make and wearing a leather jacket that says “Winterborn” on the back! : D

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Not that I’m aware of, however I know there are quite a few members who live near me. It’s a possibility that I may have crossed paths with someone before.
Over the summer, I did happen to stay with @lucillelucillelucille for a week and I’ve also met two former members and @bob_ and I might meet each other within the next several months. WOO. :)
Oh, and I’ll be visiting Lucille again this winter for about two weeks. Can’t wait.

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There aren’t many round these parts

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No. No one I know even goes on answer sites, neither has anyone I’ve met briefly.

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Another jelly in Connecticut? I could hardly imagine such a thing. And I haven’t been to Rhode Island in over a year—it’s so far away, you know. I’ve never been on or even seen a military submarine up close, so I guess that lets me off the hook entirely. (You’re not counting the ones I can see when I cross the Thames River on the I-95 bridge, are you?)

I will ask my progeny if they know of any… especially my daughter, who went to the UW (Go Badgers!).

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Intentionally yes….unintentionally I could see that I passed one of you’s on the road somewhere.

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A giant butterfly walking around tapping on his keyboard is kind of hard to miss. No one’s come up to me yet. Or at least, no one who said they were a jelly. Although there was this one guy I heard muttering “peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and jelly” incessantly. That one was kind of hard to figure out, but, being the outgoing person I am, I ignored it.

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@Vunessuh First I read ” I’ve also met two former members and @bob_” and I was like “wait, what? when?”, but then I saw that it said ”@bob_ and I might meet” and I was all “ah, right” XD

Though it should say “most definitely will” instead of “might”. Bring sliced bread XD

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@CyanoticWasp : Jellies abound in Connecticut… just sayin’.

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Not that I know of, no. It’s possible that it’s happened and I had no idea, seeing as quite a few people are from California. I mean, we ran into one my sister’s best friends on a mountain at Tahoe quite randomly.. so, who’s to say I haven’t run into one of you guys?

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I get postcards. ;-)

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Anyone in Israel?

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Not that I know of.

However, since I live in So Cal, I might have been cut off by another jelly while I was driving and honked at them.

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Well see, that’s the weird thing. I have yet to meet this jelly in person… But I am pretty sure he has met my husband, and is currently trying to help him get a job.
If it’s not a jelly though my husband and I will be very worried…

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I would be surprised if I have. But I’m pretty certain (and judging by the map) I’m the only flutherite in my county.

I wouldn’t, however be surprised if I had seen a jelly or flutherite in an airport or in Southern California or Portland somewhere.
I have looked for one of Andrew’s geocaches, not found it, and then gone to the site and saw that it was Andrew’s. That’s about the extent of my interaction.

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I don’t think I’ll ever run into one in WV, unless I go to the top of the state and run into @Augustlan. I have received post cards though. :-)

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@krose1223 Are you going to let us know if you figure it out?

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No chance of it.They don’t let me out of my cage often enough.

I’ve been invited to hang out with a few, but have yet to do so.

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Not to my knowledge. I’d be surprised if I did, even though I think there are many in my general area.

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Not accidentally (unless you count facebook), but I’ve met a few on purpose. :)

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I’m sure that there are other jellies living among us. I have had the opportunity to communicate with other members of the collective on facebook, but never in person.

Is anyone one else interested in meeting “accidentally”? I’m hiding somewhere in Burlington VT.

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No, but when I’m running errands, I keep an eye out for someone wearing a Dr. J. t-shirt.

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@Pied_Pfeffer : Are you wearing yours???

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@JilltheTooth Not until another color is offered, and then I’ll order 7…one for each day of the week.

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That reminds me…how about Dr J panties? I bet @seazen would buy some… ;-)

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I’d rather discover I’m keeping company with a fellow Jelly before they drop their trousers.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Really? That’s just when it starts to get interesting!

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@breedmitch That’s hysterical! So, the OP never found out who it was?

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Nope. The mystery remains…

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I’m in the Windy City… Haven’t been blown yet. Oops, I mean I’ve not met any jelly unintentionally.

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I just met Sinmone_de_Beauvoir and Jean_Paul_Sartre. I invited them to my bar. I can attest that they are two of the nicest people.

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