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What does SeanConnery want the whole world to know?

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Don’t we all…

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Why are you breaking up with me??????

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that’s what I say mine are still new!

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Where are you right now?
Celebrity Jeopardy FTW!

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What’s the first thought I have when I wake up in the morning?

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Can anyone give me that heart-character to copy-paste?

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You should just be able to copy it from the answer itself.

The ♥ is Unicode character 2665.

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Ehm, sferik, weren’t we supposed to provide a question to the answer? xD

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Oh, dear. I fell into my own trap!

I mean…What would Sir Sean Connery say in response to the question Where are you right now?

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Why are you always watching reruns of the three stooges?

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