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If you could buy any new computer system on the market, not worrying about the price, what would you buy?

Asked by Myuzikalsoul (590points) October 18th, 2010

If money was no object, what would be the ultimate computer system? What kind of monitor would you have? How much RAM and CPU? What kind of ports would you require? Which sound system would fit your needs? How would you use your ideal system? Explain and elaborate if needed! I’m still learning about computers.

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I would just want a simple lap top (17 inches wide) that is indestructible and that has only the basic Microsoft apps.

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I would build it myself. So it would probably be a quad-core Intel i7 (or two of them), 8GB of RAM, a 30” monitor would be nice, and the upcoming “Tron” keyboard and mouse. Standard ports would be fine. Two nVidia GTX 480 video cards in SLI.

Then I’d probably play Donkey Kong on MAME.

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I would build it my self, and it would cost about 12.000 bucks.

first of all, i would buy 4 of those brand new 6 core CUPs (about 80.000mhz total). and i would buy a motherboard capable of mounting all 4 of them (that brings us up to about 5.000 bucks.)

I would also buy 10 of the brand new 3TB hard drives, also the latest graphics card by nvidia. I would stuff it with about 16gb of ram, and for my sound card i would go will good ol’ sound blaster. and i would finish it all off with 2 HD 21 inch monitors, and logitech accessories.

and if i had another 5k left to spend, i would maybe consider buying a 3D printer, so i can print up loads of little penises to throw at passers by.

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I need an Intel i7 with 8 gigs memory and 1 TB hard drive on a 15 inch laptop. And yes, I really need it.

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I’d have an Armari XCP. Its a custom built desktop system that uses full liquid immersion in 80 litres Fluorinert (at £200 a litre) to cool it. Also it looks really cool.

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I’d buy me one of these and maybe one of these.

They’d be new to me.

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Not sure what I’d get, but I would do this to it.

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Perhaps the TSUBAME 2.0 with an with a SixthSense interface.

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@Lightlyseared What would be the components of this Armari XCP? It is super cool, but all I can find on it is that it will have twin quad-core CPUs running at 3.2 GHz and is capable of running up to 4 graphics cards. What would some of the other component details be, even if you were to guess? For example, video cards, RAM, optical drives etc.

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@Myuzikalsoul They will put what ever you want in it. The original demo model was based on intels skulltrail motherboard with 2 extreme edtition core 2’s on it but that’s a bit dated now. There is a motherboard from EVGA that will take 2 Xeon chips and allow you to overclock them but a single i7 980 will actually out perform that set up. You can’t mount 2 i7’s on the same motherboard as the chips only have a single QPI link and you need 2 – 1 to talk to the chipset and 1 to talk to the other CPU.

To answer your question I would have a
Core i7 980X CPU with a large passive cooler which you could probably overclock to about 4.8 Ghz
ASUS Rampage III Extreme motherboard
24 Gb of RAM ( excessive but hey it’s a lot cheaper than it used to be so why not).
2 Nvidia GTX480 (the board supports 4 way SLI but only has 32 PCI-E lanes so each card would be only getting 8 lanes instead of 32 – adding more cards would still be faster but not as much as you’d expect)
Crucial C300 256Gb SSD (I might include a HD for storage but to be honest its easier to keep your media on a networked HD that i probably wouldn’t bother)
A BluRay Drive
An Asus Xonar Xense sound card
A TV card
obligatory blue LED’s

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