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Pregnancy and morning after pill relation?

Asked by kimmisofly4 (68points) October 18th, 2010

Todays Date: 10/18/10
Two days ago I had unprotected sex. Tomorrow i am going to planned parenthood for the morning after pill.I am suppose to start my period this saturday. After I take the pill when can I test accuratly if i am pregnant or not? Considering the morning after pill usually changes the timing of when the period comes.

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If your period is delayed, you can take a pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test will mean you are definitely pregnant, and the morning after pill will not interfere with this.

A negative pregnancy test could be accurately reading that you are not pregnant, or it could simply mean that it is too soon to tell. So if you get a negative reading and continue not to have your period, continue taking pregnancy tests, or if goes on long enough see your doctor.

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are you under 18? As far as I know, you can get Plan B at just about any pharmacy. The sooner you take it, the better the results… you are lessening your chances of Plan B working by waiting so long.

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Good point, @poofandmook. I’ve gotten it over the counter at my local CVS.

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im under 18 and got it today haha i had to wait because the only place that could give it to me considering my age is planned parenthood and they are closed weekends. i took care of it though, thanks everyone

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You say you’re going to Planned Parenthood to get the pill? I’m sure they will be able to answer this question. Is this really the kind of thing you want to risk misinformation on?

Really, there are some things people should just ask an authority about, not us goobs on Fluther.

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