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A complimentary color to Persimmon would be..?

Asked by Jude (32112points) October 18th, 2010

This has to do with home decorating. Would brown and persimmon work (think two different end tables (and styles) and two different colors)?

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Depends on the shade of brown. A nice deep, rich, earthy brown ought to go nicely. What overall effect are you going for? Pale yellow, goldenrod, and deep forest green also come to mind, but it depends on how you’re using it. Color of paint for the whole table, print cover on top of it, throw cushion next to it, carpet beneath it, something else? Whatever else is around it makes a difference too.

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Black, brown, biege. Any warm earthy color.

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I agree, warm and earthy. Even a reddish-brown would be nice, I think.

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This RGB Tool is good for showing pleasing color compliments. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and take a look at Color Harmonies. Mouse over any you like, and you can get exact color values for them, which a paint store should be able to match.

Persimmon is an (Red green blue) RGB value of Hex #EC5800 or decimal 236, 88, 0. The HSV value is 10°, 85%, 94%

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And I have a very deep red brown. Lovely!

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I would go for gold or silver.

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If you check out this colour wheel it will tell you all you need to know for colour matching. Enjoy!

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Another color wheel called Color Scheme Designer

That will help you with its complement, triad, and other color stuff. Hope this helps!

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Personally, I think they don’t go together. Try white or a shade of pink.

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@amazingcookie Great tool. Thanks. I bookmarked that one.

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@ETpro, you’re welcome!

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