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Convince me: why should or shouldn't Northern and Southern California be separate states?

Asked by KTWBE (764points) October 18th, 2010

That’s it, really!

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Well it should wait awhile so when that weed bill gets legalized they can pay off their multibillion debt sooner.

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Why do you feel the need to be convinced? Naga.

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haha… be on the fence. San Luis Obispo!

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Reduced revenue.

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I agree, California can totally be split. And for anyone who’s worried about stacking the Senate with liberals, we can probably do the same with Texas to balance things out (in a useless body that we ought to re-configure anyway).

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I’d be in favor of cutting everything below Fresno and SLO to fend for itself, while we in Northern California become a water conserving green state. I’d even let the are north of Cloverdale/Yuba City/ Portola create a third state.

It’s a matter of keeping like thinkers with each other while letting those who refuse to vote in favor of anything deal with the mess they’ve created.

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Well, I don’t think it will solve much. In the North, you’d still have the State of Jefferson right-wingers fighting with the more Ecotopian crowd of places like Arcata. Plus, there just isn’t enough cash flow in the more sparsely-populated North to keep services going.

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We could always go a bit south.

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Everything north of Santa Barbara County can fall into the sea for all I care.

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Maybe the U.S. could sell a few states to Mexico and Canada to pay off that $13 trillion dollar debt…. Canada is looking for a winter retreat island to vacation in… maybe one of the Hawaiian Islands… and China’s needs repayment for the Loans given to the world. they could be the middle man for selling parts of Alaska to Russia… maybe drilling rights?

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I would prefer to see a movement of unity within our state than perpetuate daydreams of separating. We’re not so different, north and south… why push to create such a divide?

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I don’t see any benefit.

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@Mamradpivo Texas would be split into five states, per its Constitution.

I didn’t think that there was enough of a cultural divide to warrant splitting the state.

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If CA was split in half by population, each portion would still have more people in it than all but 3 states (NY, FL and TX).
If CA was split in half by area, each portion would be larger than 33 states.

The bigger something is, the harder it is to control it.
An argument for dividing it (in some way) is to make it easier to govern.
It would be easier to get the people what they want/need if they’re less numerous (and more homogenous).

An argument against dividing it would be that I still want to be able to say “My state has the Xth largest economy in the world!” (I think it’s 7th? I’m not sure).

I’m not someone who believes tradition is worth anything, but I think that all of the state dividing lines should be reconsidered. 50 is a cute number and all, but there’s no reason we need to stay at it, or no reason that the present 50 have to stay in their current form until the end of time.

I’d like to put in my application now to move to North California.

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@Sarcasm Wow, you’ve actually convinced me to care about this issue. No tilde. Which, when I’m sick, a bit stoned from the cold meds, and it’s 8 am is next to impossible to do. A thousand GAs to you. I want to live in Northern California, too. Just as soon as I get the money…

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@Sarcasm if we could get Texas to secede, they’d be happy, the rest of the US would be happy, and California could split in two and we’d still have 50 States. No need for new flags!

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@zenvelo It is entirely possible that if Texas were to leave, large portions of the Southwest would go with it.

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<waves goodbye to Texas>

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