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Is there a name/word for his type of voice?

Asked by seazen (6123points) October 18th, 2010

The amazing Aaron Neville – Enjoy

It’s not simply a falsetto, right? Is there a word for what he does with his voice?

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It sounds like his voice is breaking, like he his is straddling the line between normal chest voice and falsetto.

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Aaron Neville has been described by critics as possessing one of the most splendid falsetto-tinged tenors in pop music. The singer, who is deeply religious, puts it another way: “I describe it as God in me touching God in the person that hears it; at least that’s what it feels like to me.” – Sheila Rule

What is even more distinctive is the complexity of the delicate, half-yodeled melismas that Mr. Neville interpolates into many of his songs. – Stephen Holden

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It sounds kind of like yodeling. I have heard some other country singers do it too. “Falsetto tinged” is a great way to describe it but I think @chocolatechip has well-described what is happening. Neville does have great control when using it. Randy Travis has a similar ability.

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Sorry, Neville fans, but I’ve grown weary of his voice. I once enjoyed it—like on “Don’t Know Too Much” with Linda Ronstadt—but now I find it grating in the same way I do so many female singers these days who scream lyrics and unnecessarily manipulate them. You hear them endlessly in supermarkets. I dunno, maybe my years are getting old, but I prefer vocalists who sing softer and intimately. S

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@Austinlad Didn’t say I could maintain a diet of it. I share your sentiments described above. I am probably getting old too.

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Truely a remarkable voice!
My favorite Neville song is here
Oops, I mean here

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There are many musical traditions that incorporate this kind of “breaking” into the music. Middle Eastern music is one of those traditions—it can be very mournful and sound a bit like crying.

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@chocolatechip I agree, it almost sounds like a very pronounced and very low vibrato.

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Haha, that’s great.

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@Foolaholic: Actually, that was my cat, Milo’s, suggestion.

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It thnik it’s combination of a breaking voice and falsetto. I love country voices.

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@Megaperceptiva You are mega perceptive. ;-) Welcome to fluther.

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