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If you could eat any pokemon, which would you choose and how would you prepare it?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) October 19th, 2010

We were sitting in the local tea shop the other day for a meet a greet, and one of the guys in my group used this question to break the ice. It got people talking a lot better than most of the questions asked, so I thought I would bring it to Fluther.

I would make California rolls out of Kingler.

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Peek a choo and I would lock it in a cage pry open his skull cap and eat his brains while he was alive. It would be nice if Ash was there as I’m sure we would have lots to talk about. Go team Rocket! LOL

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What’s a pokemon?

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I don’t think I would eat a pokemon

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Oh I would go all out… total opulence… the foi gras of the Pokemon world…

I’d sautee Mewtwo

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Venusaur salad, scrambled Exeggcute, Miltank filet mignon wrapped in Grumpig bacon, Salamence sushi…

Would also huff Gengar since it is probably gaseous.

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Pikachu. I have actually often done this. My daughter has a plush talking Pikachu and sometimes as a joke, I put it in a pot on the stove, cover the pot with a lid and then ask her to go check the pot. (For the record, she’s a teenager. I wouldn’t want you to think I’m traumatizing a small child).

Given the preference, I think Pikachu impaled on a spit, slathered in barbecue sauce and slowly roasted over a fire would be the ideal cooking method.

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A Raupy. Fried crispy with curry sauce and rice.

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A Jigglypuff slow roasted to perfection with BBQ sauce… gotta kill ‘em all gotta kill ‘em all… the duck with the leek Farfeched looks tasty too and comes with its own vegetables

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roast stuffed pidgey with new potatoes and peas, covered in a nice rich gravy

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Flame-roasted Dratini steaks. I figure that first-stage would be more tender.

It’s surprising (or perhaps not so surprising) that – AFAIK – the show never addressed diet in a world where the only wildlife were nigh-sentient Pokemon.

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I think everyone pretty much ate rice. And I think I remember an episode where someone was serving fried Magikarp.

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@Nullo @Ivan

Later James learns that Magikarp can’t or shouldn’t be eaten; not very tasty, supposedly.

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Togepi looks like it might be good steamed…

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Hmm, I almost forgot the perfect breakfast. Scrambled Togepi. Mmmm

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Lol! I would eat Togepi sunny side up with some bacon and sausage links. Mmmm! Also, I would like honey roasted bulbasaur.

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Battered, deep-fried Magicarp served with chips, mushy peas and a nice cup of tea.

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Do they make bacon pokemon? I don’t really know what a pokemon is, but I love bacon.

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@YARNLADY There seem to be at least two lines of pig Pokemon, starting with Spoink and Swinub, respectively. I imagine that one could procure bacon from these.

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I want a slow cooked snorlax

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This is difficult. It is such an extensive menu and I don’t really know what any of it is, or looks like, much less how it tastes. Squirtle and Tentacruel I think I will avoid. I don’t like the sound of those. I don’t want to appear ignorant so I will ask for baked Qwilfish sprinkled with Nuzleaf. (lays menu down on table and glances nervously at the other diners.)

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I would eat a togepi egg, before it hatches. All semi-developed and stuff. Boiled obviously. And delicious. Obviously.

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I would definitely eat Arceus (who is often referred to as the God Pokemon)... And probably raw, because I’m afraid that if I were to try to cook Arceus, I might not be able to absorb its powers by eating it >:3 MUWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

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