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How many Q and A websites have you as a member?

Asked by palerider (1020points) October 19th, 2010

You don’t have to list the sites or your usernames unless you want and it is within the fluther guidelines.
I am a member of at least 4. I try to visit them all for a few minutes a day.

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I, too, am a member of four, but I never go to two of them and I rarely go to the third. Fluther is where I spend 99% of my Q&A time.

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Answerbag, Fluther, Funadvice, Y!A, Blurtit—Five
In the order I go on them the most:

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This is the only one I ever joined, Don’t feel the need to pontificate on the signifigance of my vast, intellectually challenged thoughts anywhere else. Kinda like it here… floatin with the jellies and all. Didn’t even know there where others but I don’t think I care either.

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After AB self destructed I bounced around a few others I don’t even remember the names of before I settled in here. I am semi active on some industry related forums that are not really social by nature.

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@Aesthetic_Mess I’m on answerbag and Y!A too. I like the feedback here, but I don’t like the restrictions on q and a here. Answerbag has virtually no limits on topics but feedback is dismal. And I rarely go on Y!A anymore, just a bunch of kiddies.

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i choose fluther as a happy medium.

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One…..& a half. Fluther, obviously. It being awesome & all (brown noser extraordinaire)
Then there’s Answerbag!?! Yes, err….let me clarify. It’s only worthy of a half because I only ever browse the place several months at a time. Just for old times sake you understand. It really is tumbleweed town, has been for a while. I still can’t bring myself to cancel my account there however. More out of pity than anything else probably.

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@palerider I like the organization of Y!A. If it was up to me, I would take the organizational style from Y!A, the answer style from answerbag (i like how you can comment on people’s answers), and the Fluther community, and that would be my ideal answer site. I asked a few questions on Answerbag, and the most feedback I’ve ever gotten was ten answers.

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I have only been a member of Fluther. I used to read Yahoo!Answers, but I never posted.

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@Aesthetic_Mess I know what you mean. I’m still relatively new to Fluther but it seems to be a tight-knit group. AB can be get pretty far afield and at Y!A the questions get stale too quickly for very many answers.

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@palerider definitely. I hate asking on answerbag

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I used to use Y!A, but it was such a joke. Just fluther, now.

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This one and MetaFilter.

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Fluther and Yahoo Answers. That’s it.

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Fluther, Answerbag and Y!A. Mostly Fluther though.

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Maybe a half dozen or so. I don’t really know, because they come and go.

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