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Are there any anthropologists out there who, like Thor Heyerdahl, make fieldwork awesome?

Asked by Nullo (21911points) October 19th, 2010

I was thinking about my last read-through of Kon-Tiki, and Heyerdahl’s passion for doing unlikely things with ancient boat designs, and got to wondering: Was he the last of the adventurous anthropologists?

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Great question! Love Kontiki! Check out Napoleon Chagnon. He passionately writes about his work with the Yanomamo

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Not anymore. Thor Heyerdahl had more balls than a thousand Indiana Joneses.

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There’s a small handful of “experimental archaeologists” out there. If I go back for my Masters and PhD, I’ll probably do something of the sort.

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Colin Turnbull. His study of the Ik people, as recounted in The Mountain People is a portrait of a society that has destroyed itself and the results are shocking.

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There is a film called Keep the River on Your Right that is a documentary about a gay, Jewish anthropologist who lived with tribes in the Amazon and practiced cannibalism.

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