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What would you say to a school superintendent who allegedly ordered a rape victim to cheer for the one who raped her?

Asked by Brian1946 (25182points) October 19th, 2010

Here’s a link to the story:

According to the linked article, the superintendent of schools allegedly ordered the victim to cheer for her attacker.

When she refused to, she was dropped from the cheer leading squad.

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Gross. They’re wrong.

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This is wrong in so many different ways.

Okay, I understand that the attacker was ‘temporarily’ at school while the grand jury weighed whether to indict him or not, but why was he rewarded with a place on the basketball team while she was advised to “keep a low profile, avoid the cafeteria and not participate in Homecoming activities” ... and she’s a cheerleader. WTF is wrong with this picture?

Second, if I had been on that cheer squad with her—even if I didn’t particularly like her—then upon hearing of her removal from the squad I’d have recruited the other members to tell the superintendent, “Fine, as long as you suspend her, this school doesn’t have a cheerleading squad.” In fact, I’d do more than that. I’d recruit the other cheerleaders to not only boycott cheerleading in the first place, but we’d be at all of the games with posters regarding “This basketball team recruits and rewards rapists.” or some such.

Totally nuts. Totally outrageous.

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I’d probably just kick the ever-loving-shit out of the rapist and call it a day.

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Side note, I’m e-mailing the super-superintendent to tell him he’s the scum of the earth.

Then I’m posting this on They have like 100k followers.

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“You’re fired.”

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“C’mere a second; your nose isn’t crooked enough.”

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Treating the victim as they are doing stops others from reporting crimes. The superintendent needs to be fired immediately, publicly, and made to reverse all his decisions to the victim.
Edited to add: Wonder if they could force the criminal to cheer for the victim? No, I don’t suppose that would ever be done.

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“You’re going to wake up in the hospital after I tell my family about this”.

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This just pisses me off. The school Principal and the judge need to get punched in the dick. Right now!

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The Principal should be fired.

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Shuffle off my social constraints, and beat his ass.

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They are beyond wrong – to say the least. Sadly, this does not surprise me at all. Rape victims are blamed for what happened to them far too often.

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