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Would your fluther experience be enhanced if you could know exactly which mod modded you? If so, how?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) October 19th, 2010

Some people have expressed a desire to know who has moderated their questions and answers on fluther. Do you think your fluther experience would be enhanced if you knew exactly who modded you? If you would want this feature, why would you want it?

Just so it’s clear, a feature like this is not in the works, I’m just curious as to people’s feelings about this issue.

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Having just been PMed by a moderator about something I unwittingly was doing wrongly (writing too many tags for questions) I can assure you that if the moderator in question feels that letting you know something about the what and why of a change then must make will help smooth out future incidents, they can certainly let you know. I thought tags were just a keywords list that made up the Meta Keywords statement of a question page. I had no idea that human tag editors must review and sort into classifications by them. With that knowledge in mind, I will be far more careful about writing future question tags.

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Nah, I don’t need to know who did the moderating, other then to possibly say ‘thank you’ for deleting a comment that shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. If there is any question about why a comment is deleted, there are venues for contacting the moderators for an explanation. How often does this come up?

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I feel that it would make the business more personal. Whether that’s a plus or not is another matter.

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No, I don’t want to form any particular opinion about any particular moderator.

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@ETpro: I wouldn’t change the mod messaging system but how would you feel about knowing which mod had removed your answer or which mod sent you back that question three times because it wasn’t worded right?

@Pied_Pfeffer: This question was inspired by this one.

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The mod team works as just that—a team. No one mod makes a decision that isn’t clear-cut. If there is an obvious spammer, one mod is enough to take care of it. If, however, the subject is in a gray area or could be disputed for any reasons, mods discuss the issue and decide what to do as a team.

So no, my experience wouldn’t be any different.

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No, I don’t want to know. For the brief second it hurt my feelings that a question or answer was modded, I might form an opinion about a mod that they truly do not deserve. Besides, I usually know when I have answered something in a manner that needed to be modded, so I don’t think I’ve been surprised very many times that one of my answers was modded.

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@KatawaGrey My apology. I meant, how often does someone contact the moderators asking for an explanation on why their Q or A was moderated or removed? And how many of those ask to communicate with the person who did the moderating?

I seem to recall a post where something was moderated, the OP questioned it, and it was responded to by another moderator, based upon their ability to view it from behind-the-scenes.

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No, we don’t need to go there. It might make the moderating personal and stir up bad feelings.

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I have no need to know; that’s why it’s called a “team.”.

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There were times when I wished I could talk to the mod because I really couldn’t understand what I had been modded for. In fact, I’d say about half the time I’ve been modded, it made no sense. Auggie tried to explain, but it still made no sense. I thought maybe if I could talk to the person who made the decision in the first place, I could have figured out what they were after. It would have been better for me, because I would not have felt picked on by an anonymous accuser. A lot of other stuff happened as a result—it gives me a headache to think about it.

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Same answer I left on the other thread: no, I woudln’t want to know because it would change how I think about them. Some things are best left anonymous.

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It would make no difference at all to me.

What i would like. is for all moderated answers to be merged in to one single “answers removed by moderators” message. With a ’+’ symbol so you can open a drop down menu that tells you how many answers where moderated, and for what reason. As well as a “read moderated answers” link that shows you exactly just what was removed.

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I’ve never thought to myself “which mod did that?!?”.

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@KatawaGrey I can see how knowing who to blame for a change might fan flame wars and silly games with some users. Not everyone is adult enough to take criticism, even when it is justified and intended to improve, as a positive input.

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I’ve never wondered which mod removed something of mine. I figure that if something I wrote had to be removed, there was obviously a good reason for it and I know that the mod team here is just doing their duty. I haven’t felt the need for them to explain it to me.

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No desire whatsoever. Names is for tombstones baby, as some rootin tootin cowboy once said. Or was it just me!?! :¬)

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I think there are probably a fair number of users that don’t understand a basic fact here; it’s not ”a mod’ that removes something, it’s the ”Mod Squad” as a team. Blame (if that’s what you feel) needs to be spread pretty thin…

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I actually really, really like a few of the mods here and feel bad that I have put them in a position to have to mod me. Wonder if they think “Chyna, really? Girl you know better!”

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@chyna : Sometimes I wonder if @KatawaGrey hits the “remove” button on me thinking“Gotcha, Mom! HA HA!”

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It does not make sense to know which moderator modded a question. The moderation is collaborative so that what one mod does is in agreement with what the others would do.

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@JilltheTooth Tee Hee, er, I mean, No, she would never do that.

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This, even in hypothetical, is a bad idea

A few months back a few users decided on their own that a particular mod was out to get them.

They accused the mod of being unfair and power hungry. As mods we try to remain level- headed even when users are being hostile and abusive. However these users kept up the smear and even borderline harassed the mod till the mod left.

The mod did not deserve the abuse.
Many of the quips they were openly blamed for had been removed by other mods including myself.

The only reason I can see for a user to want a name is to question the validity of the removal and look for a personal defect in the mod. I would hate to lose any more good mods to a witch hunt.

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@Dog I don’t know the story behind that, but I know which mod it was and the whole thing sucked. That was a terrific mod and it should never have happened.

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I have no interest in knowing.

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I’m in complete agreement with @Dog. It isn’t broken and it doesn’t need fixing. I definitely don’t want to know.

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My favorite person on the entire Internet is a mod here. It is good that I don’t know if she mods me. Actually, I consider most of the mods here friends. So it is best that they don’t have to worry and I will happily carry on assuming that every time I get modded Sarcasm did it. I can’t tolerate that dude. <kidding>

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Oh, I clearly know that they do have bid egos!

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No, I wouldn’t want to know. However, I do expect the staff to be aware of it and if there is anything odd, such as one mod regularly singling out one user, they would put a stop to it.

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I would like to thank them for being on their toes, but I wouldn’t want to know.

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Meh. I don’t really care. I don’t get modded that often and when I do I usually know ahead of time that I will.
Plus I know it’s always YOU @KatawaGrey!~

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@Trillian Psh. Everyone knows I’m the EVIL mod. :p

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<shhh> it’s a conspiracy…

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I have knocked heads with some of the mods on fluther in the public arena. I don’t see how they can shut off that energy when making decisions about what I say. Once a decision is made, however, it has never been changed in my case, no matter the borderlineness of the decision. I don’t know if it has ever been changed for anyone. Sometimes they bump it up to @augustlan to try to explain it.

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I can say that there would be a lot of hostility if say the same mod kept modding your question and you knew it was them.

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