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Until this election, have you ever heard of "Aqua Buddha"?

Asked by josie (30931points) October 19th, 2010

Nobody ever really debates issues in American politics any more. They just try to out- pimp each other. This election cycle has reached a new low in that regard.
Frankly, I think it says less about the candidates, and more about the electorate that they are trying to reach, but that is another question.
In the KY senate race, the candidates are Jack Conway, the current AG, and Rand Paul, an opthalmologist. They are trying win Jim Bunning’s seat, a former MLB pitcher.
Anyway, in a recent debate, Conway said that Paul once worshipped a god called “Aqua Buddha”
Let’s not get into the nonsense about the gutter in which politicians reside.
I want to know.
Just who or what is “Aqua Buddha”?

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From my understanding, the Aqua Buddha was supposedly made up by Paul and his buddy as an attempt to play a bad risque practical joke on a woman at a frat party.

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I thought “Aqua Buddha” was something Billy Mays pitched.

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I am so relieved to have added Aqua Buddha to the pantheon of gods I must worship, just in case. Thank you, Rand Paul. You may have saved my mortal soul.

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Rand Paul also believes that Obama won the election because he employed mass hypnosis techniques. The press release my company received from his campaign organization lists his occupation as “eye surgerical doctor.” I’m pretty certain that, even if you were educated in Kentucky, that “surgerical” is not a word, but if you happened to be “surgerical” the fact that you’re a doctor would be a foregone conclusion.

Even Ron Paul came close to calling Rand a racist when he supported the Bluegrass Poll, which said that 60% of Kentuckians believe that it’s wrong for businesses to discriminate based on ethnicity, meaning that 40% thought business owners should be able to discriminate. Rand Paul stated on national television that he believes discrimination laws should only apply to federal programs, and not state laws or local business.

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@BarnacleBill Perhaps Surgerical [sic] is a person who favors surges. But I think Rand Paul sided with his dad against the surge in Iraq.

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I have no idea.

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John Sherman Cooper must be flipping in his grave over Rand Paul.

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I must assume you are a Conway supporter, you seem to be enamored with his strategy. I can see where a typo would eliminate Paul from the race. Hell, you don’t even need to twist his words in the rest of your post, the typo should be enough.

Or maybe the Kentuckians are smarter than you think. Just a thought.

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I figured it was some kind of Dharma aftershave.

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@Jaxk, I voted for both Mitch McConnell and John Yarmuth, for different reasons. I will probably vote for Jack Conway because he’s potentially not the embarrassment that Rand Paul shapes up to be. Paul is an intelligent person, but crazy. Neither is a great choice, but Kentucky has enough elected yayhoos.

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Don’t we all.

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Never heard of it, sounds like a tubby little pool boy though.

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If Aqua Buddha is worshiped by loading up a hookah with some good ganja, He probably already has a ton of converts. Who knows, this might be the world’s leading religion.

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