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Do you have a weak stomach?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) October 19th, 2010

When someone throws up do you gag? Can you pick up puke and poop easily? Can you change a diaper and not gag? I have a weak one ,and my husband makes fun of me. I would change my daughter diaper and gag.I had to stop breathing to change it. Does blood make you woozy? My husband has a strong stomach. I don’t.

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I gag at mucus mostly. Blood doesn’t really bother me- but vomit does if I smell it, or hear it. I can control it well, though. Mucus or slimy textures, that’s another story. My husband’s trump card, when we play fight, is him pretending to drop a loogie on me. It can be a problem to during more private moments also.

I know someone who goes to the hospital everytime any of her kids get hurt because she passes out when she sees their blood. It’s such a struggle for her!

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I have a strong stomach for most things. I work in the medical field, so puke and poop are kind of old hat. (Unless c-diff is involved, that’s a whole other conversation… ha.) Diapers don’t bother me, either.

When it comes to food, though, I could throw up at just the sight of certain things. I once almost threw up on the table in a restaurant because someone convinced me to try their cole slaw. Any food that looks, smells, or tastes even slightly funny is enough to send me in a nauseated tailspin. <shudder>

Oh, and that noise that people make when they are about to hock a lugey (is that how you spell it?). That makes me gag.

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@KhiaKarma Wow Loogie advantage!
@TheOnlyNeffie Really coleslaw makes you nauseated but you can handle all that? What is C-diff?

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I’m very squeamish about such things. Very easily grossed out. How do you think I felt when I saw Jackass 3D the other day? I had to cover my eyes during certain parts…P

Blood as well. Makes me want to faint.

I’m a pussy. :(

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watching my pup eat cat shit will churn it some.

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@DominicX OMG Those Jackass movies are the king of Gross out. I watched a man pop a pimp and the eat it. I can’t watch those movies but I have some cousin who love them. I took one glance. Augh!

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@Frenchfry C-Diff

It just has a very distinct, terrible odor. I’ve heard many people say that it is a smell that you’ll never forget, and I would have to agree.

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I was a volunteer firefighter/EMT for a few years. I didn’t think I was squeamish at all before that. Then I saw some really gross stuff and realized I was actually squeamish under more extreme circumstances. Then after a while longer you develop sort of a sick sense of humor to cope with such things and you aren’t squeamish anymore. I can imagine things that would probably make me squeamish to see, but I hope I never see those things for real. Anything where a child is really hurt will always hurt me on some level.

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Sights and textures usually don’t make my stomach churn. Scents and tastes, however, get me all the time. It does not have to be a “gross” either. I know this is ridiculous, but the one thing that always sets my gag reflexes off is jam, particularly strawberry. It triggers the worst response. I am not sure why but I suspect it has to with having the flu in second grade. I have not had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich since then.

The feeling of having blood leave my body, however, causes me to faint but that isn’t related to my stomach. I can’t donate blood. I struggle having blood work done. If a cut is deep enough, I will black out. it’s pretty bad.

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I was a janitor for awhile in college. It is actually a great job when you go to school. I have cleaned shit off of walls and puke off of mirrors. That doesn’t bother me. But if I see a person bleeding I freak the fuck out.

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I have a strong stomach. I’ve seen and heard just about everything there is. As a nurse in the hospital, I’ve been exposed to quite a bit. I’ve taken care of patients that were really sick. I’ve had patients with trachs that I’ve had to suction their phlegm and mucous because they couldn’t cough it out. I’ve had to clean up after patients with diarrhea (c. diff smells the worse) and vomiting. I’ve taken care of a patient that had a fistula in her abdomen that allowed all of her gastric juices to leak out of it and onto her stomach. We had to put ostomy bags over the fistulas to catch the drainage so the acid in it wouldn’t tear up her skin. I can take care of all of that and then walk out of the room and continue eating my lunch. The joys of being a nurse.

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Too weak to read through this, I scrolled right to the bottom…

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I gag at the smell of a fart. I once had to puke after a friend of mine farted in my car :(

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that must’ve been one kick ass fart right there

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@woodcutter lmao…..... you are hoot!

Weak stomach…ahhh, somethings turn my stomach! Like Republicans today!

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I have a pretty strong stomach. Blood fascinates me, throw up doesn’t bother me.. But I don’t like dealing with it, and poop doesn’t bother me either. I just don’t want to have to deal with it until it’s completely necessary.

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I do gag quite easily. Clearing up dog poo is the worst, it’s the smell more than anything. Sick and blood don’t bother me too much usually but I hate poo!

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Another vote for dog poop, although it’s not as much about the smell but picking it up and feeling the heat and squishiness.

@Seaofclouds Have you worked with any medical personnel who are squeamish and shouldn’t be?

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’ve worked with some nurses in the doctor’s office that are really squeamish. In the doctor’s office, it’s not really a big deal because they don’t see much, so it’s pretty rare to have to deal with it. All of the nurses and nursing assistants I worked with at the hospital had strong stomachs. There was a girl in nursing school that passed out at the site of blood one day. I don’t know what happened to her after nursing school though.

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No, I have a strong stomach acc to FF’s definition but I still had H Pylori. Loved the weightloss.

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I could change a draining,bloody dressing, give an enema or help a Dr stitch a gapping wound then have Spaghetti for lunch. As a nurse you learn to not focus on the smell or gouriness.

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