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Possible to get Verizon Wireless smartphone with cheaper data plan?

Asked by asoccer345 (6points) October 19th, 2010

I really want a Verizon smartphone, as in a Droid or something, but the data plan is $30 a month. I am 16 and my parents won’t pay for it, and I don’t make enough with allowance (at least with having some left over). I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas that might actually work as to how I could persuade them or somehow get a smartphone but with a data plan cheaper than $30 a month. Thank you.

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Starting soon Verizon will have two options for smartphones. 150 MB for $15 a month and unlimited for $30 a month.

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Consider Sprint. Their phones are just as good as Verizon. Their network is not as robust, but they do offer free roaming on Verizon. So, as long as there is Verizon, you’ll have a connection, and their fees are much more reasonable than Verizon. Just a thought.

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Right now, there are some phones that allow you to get a $15 data plan with 150 MB, but they aren’t really “smartphones” like Blackberries or Droids. However, my friend was in the Verizon store last week getting a new phone and the representative told him that Verizon was soon going to cut the $15 plan and require all 3G-enabled phones to be accompanied by the $30 unlimited data plan. Sorry, I know this isn’t helpful at all, but I just wanted to tell you what I’ve heard.

Personally, I would try to work out a deal with your parents where they could help subsidise the cost of the data plan. For example, if you can contribute $15 each month to the plan, ask if they’re willing to pay the other $15.

Other than persuading your parents that you’ll foot some of the bill, I can’t think of any other way to convince them that you really need a smartphone right now.

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As soon as my contract is up. I am leaving Verizon. Had them a long time.

But, they are getting too expensive.

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@xxii That’s not true. See my previous comment. Source

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