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A girl I invented is actually real, What should I do?

Asked by chromefoxopera (7points) October 19th, 2010

About a month ago I was on a trans Atlantic flight and decided to write a short story involving some random guy and this girl. Now the guy is unremarkable but the girl in the story was described specifically. Now (about a month ago) school starts up and there’s this girl in my class thats pretty much like the one I invented.

By my definition these things seem pretty random as far as personality goes. I mean, what are the chances that someone like this would even exist? There is absolutely no chance that I could have known about her before I meet her. At first I just thought that is was a weird coincidence but after talking to her I found out something more weird was going on.

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Pretty much like? I would like to request a more detailed description.

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either go on with it and discover more (maybe there’s meaning behind it (she’ll have some kind of impact on your life), maybe it’s nothing more than just coincidence), or leave it alone.

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Let her read the story.

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I’m with @ragingloli more info on how you described her and how she fits the profile would be helpful. Some things are so general that if you look closely anything could seem like “something more weird is going on”.

That said, find out more about her if you’re interested. Why not?

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Isn’t it obvious? You’re from the future. The woman in your story is your future wife, but you don’t know that because your memory was erased during the time travel experiment. This is the universe smiling on you, giving you a second chance – don’t waste it.

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@FutureMemory hahaha, either that, or he’s in a Stephen King’s or the like’s storyline and something wicked is about to come his way, though he still may get the girl, if Stephen King isn’t in a Richard Bachman mood.

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So, what’s the ‘something more’ going on?

Write yourself through it. Be sure and keep a journal. What an adventure. Ride the wave, kiddo.

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Probably just a coincidence.

Even so, could you write something about me having a long-lost and unhealthily rich uncle who died and left me his estate?

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That is weird. It is important to distinguish between fiction and reality. Fiction is fiction. The character in your fiction is not real.

So, you should approach the real person with a clean slate. Like, she shouldn’t be seen as a hero/villain just because she was a hero/villain in the story. Take time to get to know her and judge her by her character, not by her resemblance to a certain character.

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BTW, I just realized that I used the word character in two different meanings of the word in the last sentence of my previous post. LOL.

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What to do? Carry on as if you hadn’t made a fictional counterpart.

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@ragingloli @KhiaKarma Sure. The reason why I didnt in the first place was cause of comments on other boards ranging from “Write an ending where you bang her” to “You just ripped off Stranger than Fiction.”

Anyways She’s from Glasgow, has brown hair that looks red in sunlight, a pointed nose, somewhat skinny, likes drawing, used to work in a pretzel stand, is allergic to peanuts and is kinda depressed. And her favorite color was either red and purple. I couldnt really decided on the plane and just forgot about it.

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@chromefoxopera I think that I’d be depressed too, if I had a peanut allergy.

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@Nullo Actually I intended for her to be depressed cause shes moved from another country.

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