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Anyone know a good recipe for soup?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) October 20th, 2010

It has to be simple and easy and preferably quick to make. I have some kind of vegetable or minestrone in mind. Something you have made yourself and know that works. Thanks in advance. :-)

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This is a good recipe for Minestrone soup:-

3 large carrots , roughly chopped
1 large onion , roughly chopped
4 celery sticks, roughly chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
2 garlic cloves , crushed
2 large potatoes , cut into small dice
2 tbsp tomato purée
2l vegetable stock
400g can chopped tomatoes
400g can butter or cannellini beans
140g spaghetti , snapped into short lengths
1⁄2 head savoy cabbage , shredded
crusty bread , to serve

In a food processor, whizz the carrots, onion and celery into small pieces. Heat the oil in a pan, add the processed vegetables, garlic and potatoes, then cook over a high heat for 5 mins until softened.
Stir in the tomato purée, stock and tomatoes. Bring to the boil, then turn down the heat and simmer, covered, for 10 mins.
Tip in the beans and pasta, then cook for a further 10 mins, adding the cabbage for the final 2 mins. Season to taste and serve with crusty bread.

I make soupl each and every day, so if you want any more recipes just PM me. Enjoy

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This sounds just what I was looking for. Is that 2 litres of vegetable stock and would that be made from a stock cube?

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1 bag fresh spinach
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 cloves garlic minced
1 bag fresh shredded carrots
1 small onion, diced
2 ribs celery, diced
1 large can diced tomatoes, not drained
2 boxes chicken or vegetable broth
2 cans butter beans or cannellini, drained and rinsed
salt and pepper to taste

In soup pot, sautee garlic, onion and celery until softened. Add spinach and sautee until spinach wilts. Add carrots, broth, tomatoes and butter beans. Season to taste. Cover and let simmer for about 30 minutes, until carrots soften. If I make this with vegetable broth, I generally add some oregano and red pepper flakes as well.

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@BarnacleBill Sounds great! It is the time of year for warm soup. Thank you.

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@flutherother Yes a stock cube would work absolutely fine. Hope it works out for you.
Whatever you have left over you can freeze, to enjoy another day.

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I never use a recipe. Just start with stock of your choice, beef, chicken, vegetable and build from there. I always go with what ingredients are on hand, so depending on what veggies I have and or leftovers it chop, dice, simmer and serve.

I like adding in barley, a noodle and or rice to the mix and for chicken base soups I often go for an egg drop noodle/dumpling add in which is super yummy.

The egg drop mix is just egg and flour combined to make a barely pourable mixture that you drip into the almost boiling soup. I will add salt and pepper to the mixture and sometimes a lemon pepper for zest.

You can add in corn starch if you prefer thicker soups. Have fun and you can never go wrong if you just let your tummy be your guide as you prepare you soup.

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@Cruiser Ah yes… dumplings… with a good soup or casserole… just decided what we are having for dinner tonight… beef casserole with dumplings :)

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@partyparty Sounds yummy! Another thing I almost always do is add Matzo balls to my soups…they rock! Try mini Matzo balls in a stew sometime and make double because it will be a hit!

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@Cruiser Matzo balls? Never heard of them. I am in the UK. I am sure they are delicious if you recommend them!

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@partyparty They are a traditionally a dumpling served during the Jewish Passover meal I love to cook all year…

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Diced chicken
or ground turkey meatballs (with onion, parmesan cheese and salt & pepper)
Dried pasta
diced onion
chopped zucchini
spinach leaves
canned tomatoes (about ½ a can)
cannelini beans
chicken stock

Saute the onion and zucchini. Add to soup pot with stock and pasta (and meatballs if using). Boil for 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender and pasta is cooked.

Add the remaining ingredients and heat through.

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Escarole and beans

In a pot of water put in a pound of pork ribs. Let boil for 30–45 minutes.
Remove from water, remove meat from bones chop up and put back in the same water you removed from..
Add two heads of escarole. Bottoms cut off, whole leafs.
Let boil for 20 to 30 minutes. Add waster as needed as it will reduce.

Dice then quarter a stick (or two) of peperoni. Put into pot. Wait another 20 to 30 min.

Add a can of red kidney bean and a can of while bean.
Actually you can be creative and add what ever beans you like.
But, you should add about 2 to 3 cans of beans.

Shut off heat. Let sit for another 15 min. or so.

Serve with buttered Italian bread.

Freeze leftovers in individual serving bags. For when you feel the need.

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I throw together a good veggie beef soup.

Combine beef and herbal broths or sometimes Lipton beefy-onion soup mix for the stock.

Lightly grill small diced stew meat or chicken and add…

chopped onion
baby carrots
diced potatoes
fresh or frozen whole sugar snap pea pods ( or substitute chopped cabbage, really good )
one large sliced red bell pepper
one yellow crookneck squash diced

cracked red pepper
chopped garlic
dash of celery salt

Bring to boil and then simmer for one hour or more on low heat and serve with garlic bread or corn muffins.

Mmmm good!

Another great recipe is to use a veggie-herb stock and add sliced polish sausage, potatos, chopped cabbage, minced onion and red bell pepper along with cracked red pepper for some extra zip.

Happy slurpping!

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I usually make my soup from whatever leftovers I have in the fridge. I dump them all in the pot and stir them together, then add enough stock to bring it to the consistency that I want. More stock = less thick soup.

I usually let it all simmer for at least an hour to get the flavors to meld, stirring and seasoning as needed.

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This is a soup I concocted the other day because one of my friends gave me a home-grown butternut squash.

1 butternut squash, peeled and cut into cubes (about 3 inch sized cubes)
1— 15 oz. can of white beans (navy or great northern will work) rinsed
1— 15 oz. jar of Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce
2— Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
½— Teaspoon sea salt
¼— Teaspoon ground black pepper
½ cup water, divided use

Place the butternut squash cubes into a large mixing bowl. Pour the olive oil and salt and pepper over the cubes and stir until the squash is well coated. Then place the squash cubes onto a cookie sheet or into a baking pan and bake for 20 minutes at 325 degrees, turning several times while baking. Check to see if the squash is fork tender, that is how you will know when it is done. Remove the squash from the pan and puree it in a blender until it is almost smooth, but still maintains a little bit of chunky texture. You may have to do this in several batches. Place the pureed squash into a large sauce pan or dutch oven. Then puree the rinsed white beans in the blender with just enough water to make blending easier. Puree the beans until almost smooth, but still slightly chunky. Place the beans in the pan with the squash. Add the jar of Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce, mix thoroughly and heat through. If you like your soup a little thinner, just add a little bit more water. Enjoy!

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