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Is it "sneakers" or "tennis shoes"?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) October 20th, 2010

What do you call them, and where are you from? I’m trying to figure out if it’s a regional thing to call them tennis shoes.

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Sneakers in New Jersey for at least the last 40 or 50 years.

(In England, they call them “trainers.”)

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Tennis shoes or gunboats if it’s my sister XD
I’m in Michigan.

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I think it may be a generational thing as well. It was always sneakers when I was growing up in the 60s, then somewhere along the line people started saying “tennies”. I lived around the country, and found it to be more generational than regional, but that’s just me.
OK, looking at those ^ ^ ^ I stand corrected.

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I’ve always said sneakers. My mom and grandmother both say sneakers too. I grew up in Delaware and so did they.

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Both will suffice here!

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Yes, as @downtide said – Trainers :-)

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We called ‘em tennis shoes when I was growing up, but nowadays, all I hear is sneakers or running shoes.

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@janbb in PA it’s sneakers too, but in NC it tends to be tennis shoes.

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I am a “sneaker” person from California.

@JilltheTooth My mum calls them tennies :)

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I feel so silly, now

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what @janbb said. Now I say tennis shoes.

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Treads. Incidentally, Claire Rayners is the cockney rhyming slang for trainers. a little useless information there!

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“Sneakers” or “Kicks” here in Boston.

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I used both sneakers and tennis shoes when growing up. Now I call them running shoes or athletic shoes.

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loll..“kicks” are for kids!

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@ucme Claire Rayner passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was a former President of the British Humanism Association, which I hadn’t known until recently.

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@downtide Oh i’m aware of her recent demise. Nice of those living in the east end to keep her “sole” alive.

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I call them gym shoes (or athletic shoes) since that’s what the school requires the children wear for gym. We live in Illinois.

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Sneakers where I grew up in Western New York. Tennis shoes where I now live in Ohio. I think “athletic footwear” would be a nice compromise. ;~)

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I grew up saying “tennis shoes”. I’ve never called them “sneakers”. (I’ve lived in Las Vegas and the Bay Area).

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I used to call them “keds”, no matter what brand. I grew up all over.

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‘Tennie runners’...back in my Illinois days.

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When I was very small, I heard them called tennis shoes. My family are from Michigan via Alabama and Arkansas. After I started school (in Milwaukee), I called them sneakers and that caught on at home. When I’m in the UK or speaking with my UK friends, I call them trainers. Now I live in Brooklyn and I call them either kicks or sneakers.

And the rubber-soled Converse types the kids at school called “pee-wipers” when I was a little girl because they’d squeak if one tried to skate across the highly-polished gym floor.

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In the North, it’s sneakers.

In the South, it’s tennis shoes.

Why? who knows?

Same applies to “soda’ and a “coke”. soda up north and coke in the south.

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Tennis shoes that’s what I grew up to say but my dad says sneakers

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@john65pennington with questions like this I always think the answers are useless without knowing where they come from.

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@john65pennington – It’s not simply a north/south thing. I currently live near Cleveland, OH, which is “north” and they say tennis shoes here. And on that “coke” or “soda” thing, you missed those of us who say “pop.”

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@john65pennington Why do they say Coke? Coke is one type of soda.

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