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Our "Mountain Man" is in the house! Who wants to say "Yay"?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19702points) October 20th, 2010

Adirondackwannabe is finally there!

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Thanks Jill.:)

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Ha ha, I saw it happen! Congratulations!

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You’re one of my best buds, here, glad I could be the OP on this one!

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Nice job my man!! Hearty congratulations on the 10 grand!! <<Knuckles>>

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Nice work :-) Congratulations!!!

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I pushed ya over – happy 10 k.y. jelly day!

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@Adirondackwannabe : WhoopDeeDoodle! and a hearty Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!” You’re a fine jelly.

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Happy 10K AdirondackWannabe!!!!

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Thanks all of you. I went on vacation for eight days at 9985 and figured someone would be throwing a party and I’d miss it all. I’m really glad I got back in time.

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Congrats! Enjoy the Clean Fresh Air!

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Yay, congrats!! It’s about time!!

I left some beer in the fridge for ya!

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Glad you’re here @Adirondackwannabe. You definitely spice the place up.

Congratulations on 10K!!!

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Way to go!

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(Was wondering where you were.)

You are a sweet Jelly who likes to be tart at times and then apologize. I enjoy sparring with you, even if you are taller than me.

Mazel Tov on the 10K, big fella!

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Ooh, I feel so special that it happened on my question. I think.

Congratulations!! :)

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Congratulations! Well deserved. Party begins at 5 o’clock, congo line begins in the library.

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Hey!! Congratulations!!! :))

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Oh, you’re a Man??

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Well Done!!!

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Congratulations you Appalachian Mountain Man.

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Congrats, @Adirondackwannabe, and welcome to the mansion. You’ll find a basket of snacks on your bed, and beers chilling in the mini-fridge.

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Congratulations, @Adirondackwannabe! You well deserve the honor! You are a fine addition to the Collective whose posts I enjoy.

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@Adirondackwannabe! Wooo! Congrats to a great jelly, and welcome to the mansion!

How about 7 minutes of saying YEAH! Brought a special guest here for the party. Everybody clap your hands, stomp your feet and do whatever it is you wanna do!

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Congratulations! This is great, I think you are one of the best Jellies on here!

My mother has just been itchin’ to ask your 10k question. Just itchin’ I tell you!

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I know, I can finally breathe again!

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Congratulations @Adirondackwannabe. It’s nice to have you join us!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Cheers to a great jelly \0/ \o/ CONGRATULATIONS!!
Enjoy the beers, the cheers, and the mansion!!!

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So – where are you hiding, Mr Adirondack Man?

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I think I saw you when I went to Lake George and the Adirondack Winery, I should have congratulated you then : )

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Congrats monsieur! :)

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Cheers mate!

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hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!! you’ve been GREAT!!!!! :)

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Congrats @Adirondackwannabe!!

NY in the hizzy fo shizzy!!

Dog's avatar


Welcome to the mansion!!!!

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Congratulations to an awesome member of the collective, much deserved @Adirondackwannabe! :D

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Congrats! You’re a great jelly. :D

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Congo rats and WTG! You are, indeed, a great jelly!

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Congratulations and great work!

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That is excellent news! Congratulations!

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@augustlan : I screwed up again…want to do that neat editing trick of yours? I’ll wash your dishes for a month! (“wantys” instead of “wants”) I’m so ashamed <hangs head, tears leak out of eyes>

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Congratulations! Nice to see you here in the ancestral manse. I got you this really cool chair that sits kinda low to the ground…..

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Gefeliciteerd @Adirondack, a truly deserved highpoint!

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Yay! Congrats!

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Congratulations! i enjoy your posts!

xxii's avatar

Hip hip hooray! Congrats @Adirondackwannabe!

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@JilltheTooth Haha… I didn’t even catch it! I fixed it for you. You’re going to have some serious dishpan hands, girly!

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Congratulations! A toast to you @Adirondackwannabe raising a canteen into the air Cheers!

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Congrat! @Adirondackwannabe . Your awesome.

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Way to reach new heights.

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Congratulations to an old friend ! Have a really great day!

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Yay! A great guy and fave flutherer.
Congratulations on your 10K!

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C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S Here is a cake just for you.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@JilltheTooth Thanks for hosting. You referring to me as one of your best buds is the ultimate compliment. :)
@syz Thanks, that was kind of cool to watch it happen.
@Cruiser Thanks, appreciate your wisdom and class.
@kenmc Thanks a lot
@OreetCocker Thank you very much.
@seazen Thanks, you should try one of these some time.Seeing a nice round 10000 is kind of fun.
@hawaii_jake Thanks alot. Rustle me up a some Hawaiian good times anytime.
@Aesthetic_Mess Thanks. You’ve fit right in here in a hurry. Cheers!
@worriedguy Thanks. Bust out the Brie to go with the beer and champaign.
@mama_cakes Thank you very much. See above. :)
@wundayatta Thanks. I’m amazed at 36000 points. Keep it going.
@FutureMemory Thanks, sorry I missed your 10K party.
@janbb Thanks. Congrats from a sage such as yourself mean alot.
@TheOnlyNeffie Thanks, yes it was on your question. I never thought house cleaning would be the difference. :)
@chyna Thank you. I haven’t come across many women that look that good in a lion getup until now. :)
@lucillelucillelucille Thank you. Coming from a warrior like you makes it really special. :)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Aster Thank you. A hug always makes my day.
@Lightlyseared Thanks. I’ve always been a little curious where the name came from.
@ChazMaz Thanks, you a definately an original. Keep it going.
@Austinlad Thanks, cracking a few cold ones with you would be an honor.
@marinelife Thank you. I always enjoy your work here.
@aprilsimnel Thank you. I love Stevie!
@KatawaGrey Thank you. You’re so wise beyond your years, I can never figure out if it’s nature or nuture, but your posts always catch my eye. :)
@Seaofclouds Thanks, it’s great to be in any club with you. :)
@YARNLADY Thanks for the yays. Like your work a lot.
@AmWiser Thanks, I belive I may be a little wiser because of you.
@Blackberry Thank you.I think I would have enjoyed some of your jaunts around the world while you were in Uncle Sams employment.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@stardust Thank you very much. Your a true class act. :)
@rooeytoo Thank you, cheers to you mate.
@deni Thanks From a great lady, it means a lot. :)
@Cupcake Thank you very much. NY ain’t a bad place to be.
@Dog Thanks.One of my favorite mods.
@mangeons Thanks very much
@augustlan Thanks. Your wisdom has meant a lot to me. :)
@filmfann Thank you. Appreciate your wit always.
@Bluefreedom Thanks very much.
@Kayak8 Thank you. You’ll be here soon. I’ll save a few beers.
@Trillian Thanks One thing I’ve learned: Lower the chair at the party, easier to slide under the table.
@rebbel Thanks. I’m still trying to find the artist that painted that picture. I know I’ve seen his work somewhere.
@liminal Thanks. I never thought to ask how that cake turned out?
@faye Thanks I really enjoy your posts as well.
@xxii Thank you very much. I enjoy the new blood(s) that are joining fluther.
@weeveeship Thank you. See above
@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks. It’s an honor to hoist a canteen with you.
@Frenchfry Thank you. Now quit smoking or you’ll get sick.
@cprevite Thanks. Appreciate your wisdom alot.
@BoBo1946 Thanks my friend. Luck with the operation. Take the necessary precautions with the nurses. Paternity suits are a pain in the ass. :)
@wilma Thanks. Always enjoy your words.
@partyparty Thanks. Always glad to hear from someone across the pond.
Thanks to all. I didn’t think it meant much to me until I saw the 10000 next to my name in midpost with syz, neffie, worried guy, and jill. That was way too nice of a feeling. Thanks.

BoBo1946's avatar

Lmao….17 more days! The way I feel today, they could do it without anesthesia! I would take it “bare back!” Surgery that is…loll

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@BoBo1946 Thanks for the laugh.

erichw1504's avatar

A tad late, but nice job @Adirondackwannabe!!! Keep on, keepin’ on!

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@erichw1504 Thanks. I’ll take late any day!

Vunessuh's avatar

Aw, I’m late. Congratulations!! :)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Vunessuh Thanks very much. I’m not concerned about anyone being late. I’m just glad you made it!

forestGeek's avatar

Yay, congratulations Adirondackwannabe. I’m really glad to see you made to 10K, but I hope this hasn’t meant you’ve been in front of your computer too much, and not out hiking?? Cheers!

chyna's avatar

@forestGeek I think it means he Fluthers during work.

forestGeek's avatar

oh yeah, just like I do! :)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@forestGeek Thanks for the congrats.Just back from 8 days with no computer, lots of sun, mountians, and a little snow. Working sucks, let the fluthering begin. :)

Coloma's avatar

Congrats to the good humor man!
I admit my bias, yes I do.
I always favor good humor and the ability to play.

You’re a fun and funny guy, happy 10k! :-)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Coloma Thank you very much. I do like to laugh. And I knew you would know how to ship a cat. :)

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This is a réalteolaíoch, awe-spreagúil, aisteach, cosmaí, daunting, ardaithe, ollmhór, atá cumhdaithe, exalted, den scoth, formidable, Réaltrach, bhflaitheas, honorable, ollmhór, immeasurable, bás a fháil, a fhorchur, dochreidte, gan teorainn, ard, ollmhór, ollmhór, mighty, monstrous, shéadchomharthaí, sléibhte, gluaiseacht, mistéireach, mór, prodigious, stirring, néal, támhaithe, hIodáile-onóir, titanic, iontach, dochreidte accomplishment !

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@mattbrowne I have no clue what you just said and for all I know, you just called me the worlds worst use of DNA. Fuck it, thank you very much.

mattbrowne's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe – There are many ways to say ‘wonderful’ ;-)

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