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What is your favorite stroke when swimming?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) October 20th, 2010

Lol. I don’t dont why that it sounded funny. I actually love to backstroke. I could do that all day long. I dont like underwater. I can not dive. Can you dive? Always wanted, but not enough bravery to do it. I’d probably would probably belly flop.

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When I swim, I do them all.

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I’m partial to the butterfly stroke.


I love the butterfly. It really propels me through the water, and it gives me a great work-out.

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The Australian Crawl of course!

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Good Heavens ! What is that? @rooeytoo Wait are you joking? I am so gullible.

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Breast stroke has always been my favorite. srsly

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I prefer the breast stroke. Although sometimes I do cheat and use my arms.

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I prefer to float on my back while holding a lovely tropical drink in one hand.

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I don’t know how to swim.

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@FutureMemory How old are you? Have you ever tried , or wanted to?

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Backstroke as well because it’s my strongest, but I also like the side stroke – the one you do when you’re pulling a person through the water. I like that big scissor kick.

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I love the sidestroke :)

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If youre talking about the official strokes that you see in Olympics or swim meets, then its all about breast stroke.
I know many people say its SOO slow or whatever, but its actually relaxing and for me, I find it to be some good leg work/stretching. Also, you tend not to be tired as much because you have to be relaxed and GLIIIIDE.

As for the “informal” strokes, Id say elementary back stroke. Same thing as breast, but youre on your back.
Why not side stroke? Because half the time I feel like I’m halfway drowning and I have to kick my legs just to stay a float.

Anything that isnt too tiring is always a plus isnt it? Especially during swim meets. :]

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@Frenchfry – I hate to be one of those who always refer you to wiki but they do explain it better than I can, so have a look here and you will see!

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Whatever one makes me look like a frog (I think it’s the breaststroke but keeping my head up for the most part) I also do the doggie paddle! I would love to learn more actual techniques at some point though. I love the water :)

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I do them all but if I’m going for distance I do backstroke. I can keep it up for much longer. If I’m swimming lengths I alternate.

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Why breaststroke of course! In & out of the pool, i’m quite the master at this technique. Not very original I know, but it’s twoo it’s twoo :¬)

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Like @PluckyDog I tend to do breaststroke or doggy paddle. I find them easier than any other!

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I prefer sidestroke, because it’s easy and relaxing, but mostly because my hair doesn’t get wet.

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Breaststroke. It’s easiest for me, doesn’t wear me out, and I can breathe. I also like swimming underwater. I like jumping into the pool, but I don’t have the guts to dive.

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