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What is a lie?

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What does GLaDOS taste like?

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Why’d the doctor take my foot?

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What is the best question on Fluther about?

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What is a good thing to send a girl every few months if I don’t particularly want to contact her in any other way?

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what’s the name of that band that sings the song, The Distance?

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What did my mother stop baking once she got married again?

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How can I sneak a file to my buddy, in jail?

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What was worth murdering my companion cube for?

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What the winner takes.

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What the stripper hid inside of before I ate her.

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Who is the band that most overuses the cowbell and never changes key?

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There is no cake, the cake is a lie!

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What can you walk?

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What is the meaning of life?

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What happened to you? Why did you gain so much weight?

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What got left out in the rain?

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hi so i lyk this gurl and she has a bf, but i lyk her right so what can i send to her at lst 1nce a month so thta she will love me 4ever kk thx

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@Perchik Ur toadaly kewl I lyk da way U Tok. it b Gr8. Dat gurl wood B dUm 2 tern U aWaY.

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Its something to have and to eat too?

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@Riser That made me think of the wedding vow.. To have and to hold. ha ha!

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what i want right now…

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What is the one common love that binds us as human beings?

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What’s another name for cacaine?

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