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Which Verizon Android phone do you think I should get?

Asked by asoccer345 (6points) October 20th, 2010

Now I can get a Verizon android phone. I know I don’t want the Droid X because of the largeness. The only reason I would get the Lg ally is because of the cheapness. Then there are the Droid Incredible, Droid 2, and Samsung Fascinate. Maybe I missed a couple too. Which one do you think I should get? I’m kind of on a budget here, less than $100 would be good, but I also want a good phone.

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I would go with the Droid 2. I’ve heard really good things about it.

Incidentally, how did you end up convincing your parents?

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I don’t think you can get any of them for under $100. But definitely go with the Incredible. Because, it’s incredible. It’s also been called the best smartphone on the market right now by Engadget.

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I believe there are not really a big difference in price so it really depends on what do you value the most (screen size, screen resolution, camera function, fast processor, phone size, design and so on)
all three phones you chose is very good phones so go into store try them out then chose the one you think you like the most

FYI) I used both incredible and droid 1(which is very similar to droid 2) and I liked droid little bit more because of its big screen and keyboard

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My favorite is the Droid X (I own the Evo for Sprint) but you don’t want that. I would say the droid incredible is a good bet, or wait around for the incredible HD. Check out this link:

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Droid x ,I often use it for reading.

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