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Have you ever been hit in the face with a pie or hit someone with a pie in the face?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31154points) October 20th, 2010

I was in a play in community theater where I got hit in the face with a pie every night for 15 performances. We used shaving cream, because real dairy products stink after a while.

Has this ever happened to you? What were the circumstances?

Have you done it to somebody else?

What kind of pie was it?

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I haven’t, but it sounds like fun!

waiting to hear from @Supermouse. ;)

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Someone threw a slurpy at me once.

I seem to have too many anecdotes about slurpees than should be healthy. But I’m serious, it happened. I did not laugh though. I cried. :(

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@jonsblond : In my case, it was fun, because it was part of a play. I can imagine lots of other situations where it would still be fun, too, and lots where it would be bad.

@Symbeline : How could anyone hit someone as nice as you with a syrupy, sloppy Slurpee?

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@hawaii_jake Well I really pissed them off some few days before. I probbaly deserved it, especially for mouthing off when I saw them again, I’m not really that nice, but still, it’s pretty humiliating, and immature. :/

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No,to both questions but I am dying to do that to someone! I did however see a friend get nailed with one.I went with him to his office where they nailed him with a banana creme pie for having the lowest sales of the month.He was ready to kick some @$$ XD

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My friends all had a tradition of giving one of us a pie in the face when we turned 21. I did it many times, but avoided it myself by having my 21st in a fancy restaurant. It was shaving cream on a foam sponge, but it had the desired effect. That was a long time ago now….......

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@Harold : Yes, in the play I mentioned, we used a sponge in a pie plate and covered it with shaving cream.

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Yes, my husband used to host April Fool parties every year and the first year, I pushed a pie in his face. The following year, I was 9 months pregnant, and everyone laughed about him ‘getting even’.

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@hawaii_jake – yes, it is easier to clean up, and saves wasting food!!

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I have hit someone in the face with a cake, not a pie. It was a bit of a birthday tradition with my friends and I while we were in our early teens. It was quite satisfying, but hopefully I am past the stage in life when it could happen to me.

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The wife….bag of flour (self raising) back of my head! Totally unprovoked…...well I tell a lie, I did say her bum looked big in that dress :¬)

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Many years ago, a house-mate bought home a stack of paper plates and a 48-can case of squirty-cream that he’d picked up for next to nothing as it was approaching it’s sell-by date, and donated it to the house for communal use. For the next 3–4 weeks, it was impossible to relax in that house. We never did get the smell out of the carpet and sofa.

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Why yes indeed I have both hit been hit in the face with a pie and hit someone else in the face with a pie. That would be at the annual pie fight my family has at the beginning of every summer. It is an absolute blast, my boys have a fabulous time, and it provides wonderful photo ops! Yes, I am 100% serious. The pictures are on my facebook page to prove it!

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@SuperMouse : Any particular sort of pies?

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@hawaii_jake thus far we have used pies made of Cool Whip. I would like to see some lemon meringue or maybe blueberry thrown in for 2011’s event. Get it? Thrown in!

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