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Fluther, I asked a question about hiccups a year ago but I can't find it when searching. Can you make this a bit easier for us please?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) October 20th, 2010

I love you guys. The profile pages are all shiny and new. Let’s work on searching now please. I need help with my hiccups. I don’t want to upset yamlady with a repeat question. :P

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this is funny because i was just going to ask a question on hiccups. ive been getting them a ton lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES FLUTHER PLEASE FIND HER QUESTION! I HATE THE HICCIPS. also, yamlady, loll

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I know what you mean. With 202 questions currently posted by you, it’s a painful process to go through each page of questions searching for it, not to mention the the additional pages in the general search feature.

I wonder if there is a way to create a search feature for just your own Q&As? There are a couple of times I’ve looked for a certain response. It either took a long time or I would give up.

Note: This is an example of when Yarnlady’s ability and effort to seek out a specific post would come in handy.

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If you enter “hiccups” in search, “Do people read on the toilet” is on the first or second page. I still can’t find my question!

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I guess I need to shit before I hiccup… lol. :D

I love you Auggie. More than anything.

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We’re working on it as I type! Keep your eyes on the search box… it should be ready soonish. :D

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@johnpowell I bet I’ve had more PBR than you. ;)

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@johnpowell I was just coming back to post that link! I searched “jonsblond + hiccups” using our beta search, and it was the number one hit, in 2 seconds flat. You all are going to LOVE the new search.

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I’m lying. I’m stuck with Old Milwaukee.

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I used this on Googles actual page. “Asked by jonsblond” hiccups

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I did say I love you guys. Thank you. :D

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Don’t forget, you have people like me (39 yr old stay at home moms that don’t know shit about computers, using your site). I thought entering “how do I cure hiccups” would lead me to what I asked previously. We don’t all have the insight that you do.

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@jonsblond Lemme’ go see if that works in the new search… I’ll report back!

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Ok. So. “How do I cure hiccups” brings up some hiccup questions, but it also brought up a lot of unrelated questions that begin with “how”. Not exactly ideal.

“Cure hiccups”, brought up many hiccup questions, but yours wasn’t on the front page. However, next to the results, it says “see all”. When I clicked on that, VOILA! Yours was there. :D

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Seems like a hiccup in the system.

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Damn, we’re a hiccuppy group! I asked that question a few months ago. We should put out a “Jingle Bells” hiccupping CD for the holidays.

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Hope I didn’t come across as bitching here. Not my intention. I’m a gal with lots of questions. :)

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@jonsblond Nice to see you’re back. (Try rolaids or tums for hiccups.)

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@jonsblond Try teaspoon of dry granulated sugar under the tongue.
Glad you’re not a gal with a lot of ISSUES.

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@jonsblond I didn’t think you were bitching. :)

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